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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

1. All-Out Firefights

Shoulder pressed to the hard, cracked brick of a decaying building, you duck as bullets whiz by. Jeering, crude raiders surround you on all sides. The side of the building soaks up their bullets as they open fire, desperate to put you down.

Grab your gun and take aim, cause the ball’s in your court. How will you take on your enemies? Bunker down and wait for your chance? Sneak in quick shots before darting back to cover? Or charge out like a gun toting Clint Eastwood, every shot you take burying between an enemy’s eyes?

Holding the line.

Scrappy firefights take place all throughout the Wasteland—in dilapidated streets, dark and crusty undergrounds, rusted towers, and sickly forests. You’ll face raiders, robots, super mutants, synths, and anything else that can carry a gun and pull the trigger. Whether you’re a lone ranger facing impossible odds or a soldier fighting alongside your allies, each dynamic firefight will have you leaning forward and gritting your teeth as you pull the trigger.

Once you get a taste of battle, the controller is impossible to put down.    

Fallout 4 boasts incredible gameplay, and it has a number of cool features to thank for it. What are your favorite moments while playing the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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