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fallout 4 review
War never changes. But property value has reached an all time low.

Scavenge Weapons and Customize Your Arsenal

Take this baby into battle, and the feral ghouls won't know what hit 'em.

Ammo is limited to the loot you pick up from unfortunate enemies, containers, and traders. Different weapons use different ammo types, so managing your equipment and aiming your shots is essential to your survival. Do you like not having to worry about repairing your gear? If so, you're in luck. Your weapons no longer break down in Fallout 4. However, this takes away the need to manage your gear and scavenge for weapons. You can just use the gun with the best stats all the time. It puts a damper on the survival style gameplay.

To further improve your chances in the wasteland, weapons and armor can be fully customized with mods created at workstations. I made sure I'd never be ambushed by a glowing one again by modding all my weapons with silencers. If you're more into direct combat, you can assemble a suit of power armor and bolster it with personalized upgrades. Can you stick a jetpack on the back of your space marine suit? Why the hell not?

The type and quality of mods you can create is dependent on perks, such as Gun Nut and Armorer, and the materials you possess. Materials can be gathered from all the junk and clutter found throughout the world. Do you enjoy crafting in games? Then go crazy. The amount you can create feels almost unlimited.

As for those who find gathering supplies tedious (you'd rather just play the game, right?), it's possible to play without modding equipment. They just add to the experience. There's also a search function to tag supplies needed to build the mod you want. As you explore, a magnifying glass will appear next to items that contain the necessary parts. It's annoying how quickly your inventory fills, but at least you can store your priceless junk in the workshop so you don’t have to lug it around.

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