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War never changes. But property value has reached an all time low.

A Dynamic Companions System

You’ve got a friend in me.

Colorful characters roam the Boston area, some of which will accompany you on your travels. Near the start of my journey, I met Dogmeat, a loyal German shepherd who will find items, perform tricks, and sic those nasty raiders. He quickly proved himself just as useful as he was adorable. As I was sneaking around a pack of raiders, I sent him in to wreak havoc. While he distracted enemies by biting and pulling their legs, I lined up my headshots.

You can also meet a spunky reporter who will tag along with you in search of the truth. You can team up with a battle-hardened Brotherhood of Steel Knight who's a stickler for his rules. And an ace detective in Diamond City—a synth by the name of Nick Valentine—will fight by your side, cracking lines straight out of noir flicks.

Nick Valentine. AKA the coolest SOB you'll ever meet.

Traveling with a buddy really spruces up the world as they fight with you and comment on your behavior. Yes, they'll notice you totally shot that guy for no reason. Most of them won't like it. But some of them might.

Companions have always been a feature in the franchise, but a new loyalty system has been introduced to Fallout 4. Each companion will react differently to your actions depending on their personality and morality. When they like what you do, their approval increases. When they don’t, it decreases. A maximum approval unlocks a bonus perk unique to that companion. Alternatively, a low approval rating may result in them leaving you for greener pastures.

As your relationship with your companion deepens, you’ll be able to learn more about them through conversation and quests. Some companions can even be romanced, provided they like you—really like you—enough.

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