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War never changes. But property value has reached an all time low.

Build Settlements, Establish Trade, and Defend Allies

Settlements are bases where you can gather your companions, store gear, customize and create mods, and earn a steady income. You can establish yourself in the wasteland by building settlements and forging alliances. Within the boundaries of your settlement, you can construct structures, facilities, defense systems, power grids, and more. The system can be overwhelming, but it allows you to make some pretty elaborate designs. From a walled fortress to a dinky bar in the battered retro style of Fallout.

During build mode, you have the ability to place, rotate, and align things however you wish. Home décor enthusiast beware: The build process isn’t perfect. I fancied building myself a home, and painstakingly set up a delicious looking dinner of iguana bits, metfruit, and whiskey. When I returned later, my food had phased through the table and all the fancy teacups I looted from an old vault had sunk halfway into the furniture. Not to mention the deathclaw hand I placed on my desk was nowhere in sight—probably blasted halfway to Concord.  

Building fully functional settlements is still fun, though. Over time, they spring to life with visiting traders, brahmin caravans, and raider attacks. By setting up trade stations, you’ll receive caps, which you can use to secure supplies and shipments or just roll around in like a fat cat. I ignored a raider attack on one of my smaller settlements, and was later told my failure to protect them resulted in the entire population being wiped out. RIP Settler #1 and Settler #2.


So, does Fallout 4 live up to the high bar set by its predecessors? In this reviewer’s opinion, absolutely. Not only does the game maintain the old spirit of earlier installments, it also adds new improvements in the form of breathtaking graphics, protagonist voice acting, equipment and power armor customization, settlement building, and companion relationships.

The game isn't free of flaws, however. Disruptive bugs litter the game. RPG features present in Fallout 3 and New Vegas have been oversimplified or completely removed. And while interesting, the main storyline is far from stellar. But there’s nothing that detracts from the overall enjoyment of playing a genuine Fallout game. It's big, scary, and contains hours of unique content—from intriguing side quests to engaging combat. Every RPG, FPS, and adventure fan should strap on their Pip-Boy and set foot into the incredible wasteland of Fallout 4.
Score: 9/10

What are your thoughts on the game? Did Bethesda’s newest addition live up to the hype? If you haven’t played Fallout yet, are you interested in stepping out into the wasteland? Share your impressions in the comments below.

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