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Top 10 Games Like DayZ: If You Like DayZ, You'll Love These Games

5. Rust

Rust 01

Survival of the fittest

Survive at all costs. It’s a simple as that.

Rust thrusts you into an open-world fraught with danger: wolves and bears seeking to gnaw on your bones; irradiated areas that’ll melt your eyeballs in their sockets; and other players who want to steal your stuff, or who simply enjoy spreading misery.

Players have to chop trees, hunt animals, and mine rocks to gather resources such as wood, food, cloth, and metal ores. The aforementioned irradiated areas also hold items that’ll raise your odds of survival, from weapons and armor to blueprints.

To make things more interesting, maps are rare in Rust. So how do you tell where you’re going? The natural way: by memorizing landmarks and relying on the position of the sun.

Players can form factions to make their lives easier. Together, they can build houses and even raid other factions to steal their stuff. If you prefer a life on the road, however, you can always go nomad.

One of the best games like DayZ, and it doesn’t even have zombies!

Rust 02

This majestic creature must die for you to live

Rust 03

A hunter is born

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