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Even with the Gatling gun Tycus is still outmatched.

Financials and Pocket Books

2. Gold Farming Tips in the Heroes of the Storm

Who knew that this whole time Blizzard was trying to teach us all about budgeting? With the myriad of ways to spend your precious, hard earned gold it is nice to have a financial advisor on your side. The HEROES OF THE STORM HERO GUIDE’s gold farming tips will not only maximize your gold, but also your efforts to get more gold.

Gamers are the only beasts who love gold more than pirates.

1. Heroes of the Storm is expensive: This is your guide to what to buy, and avoid, in the store by Daniel Friedman

While Daniel Friedman’s view of  HotS monetary system is a bit cynical his guide to where, when, and how to spend your gold can save new players a lot of headache and frustration. The sheer honesty of the author’s opinions may be a little off putting to hardcore Blizzard fans, but his insights are clearly presented and help you know when it is best to work for gold or spend real-world cash.

Combine this guide with your favorite hero guide, and you will be quickly on your way to maximizing your favorite hero and dominating the Nexus.

Look at those doubloons pouring out from that hero’s corpse!

School’s not out yet check out these articles for more fancy learnin’.

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