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League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide
The greatest moments in gaming history!

9. LPL's Amazing Equalizer

One of the coolest moments that was heralded by Rumble fans across the world came as LPL and GPL clashed during the 2013 LCS All-Star weekend. LPL found themselves in a huge disadvantage as a fight broke out in the river. XiaoXiao (Thresh) was caught out and dropped fast, and Troll (Hecarim) was forced to ult away to safety. Everything looked great for GPL until PDD showed up with his Rumble. The entire enemy team had unfortunately grouped themselves up in the brush entering the jungle. The perfect Equalizer was thrown down and, with the help of the rest of his team, Rumble melted GPL to the ground for an almost clean ace.

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