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League of Legends: 10 Epic Moments That Shocked Fans Worldwide
The greatest moments in gaming history!

1. The Greatest Comeback Ever in League of Legends (CLG.eu vs MOSCOW 5)

The biggest comeback that ever happened in League of Legends history was CLG.eu’s win over MOSCOW 5. We have all played unwinnable games, and had this taken place in SoloQ, you can bet CLG’s players would ‘ve been saying “ff at 20.” But this was the pros. You couldn’t just surrender. The game was painful and they were even down by 27 000 gold at one point. There was no chance in the world that they would win… But they did.

MOSCOW 5 lost the game through poor decision making and an inability to close out the game when they were so far ahead. CLG.eu just needed one break and it finally came right around the 60 minute mark.

This concludes our list for the most epic moments in League of Legends history. Let us know what your favorite moments are in the comments below.

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