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Because 2016 is just right around the corner!
Because 2016 is just right around the corner!



Release date: To be announced

Cuphead is a run and gun game with visuals that are heavily inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s. But there’s more to Cuphead than its incredible aesthetics; the game features thrilling, fast-paced platforming action, branching levels, and epic boss fights.

Dead Star

Release date: To be announced

Adrenaline-pumping multiplayer combat – in space. With several ships to choose from, and a host of powerful abilities to use against your foes, there’s a lot to love in this arcade-style shooter.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Release date: To be announced

Fight your way through a retro-futuristic world clearly inspired by classic monster movies. When you’re up against zany enemies such as dinosaurs, evil stuntmen, and nuclear ants, you can be sure it’s going to be one heck of a (weird) ride.

Enter the Gungeon

Release date: To be announced

Join a band of misfits as they storm through procedurally generated labyrinths and gun down all manner of beasts. Your goal? To secure the ultimate weapon hidden in the dungeon’s depths: a gun capable of murdering the past! It’s all about violent shootouts, powerful firearms, boss fights, and tricky traps in Enter the Gungeon.

Monsters & Monacles

Release date: To be announced

Up to three buddies can work together to lay waste to swarms of occult villains. Totally random levels, enormous bosses, action-packed shooting, a modding system, and a frickin’ zeppelin complete the awesome package that is Monsters & Monacles.


Release date: To be announced

Noct merges aspects of the top-down shooter and survival horror genres. In it, Earth has become a wasteland known as Noct. As a survivor, your job is to destroy the evil Nocturnals who want to purge the planet of all humans. Also features multiplayer.

Action/Beat 'em up/Hack and Slash


Release date: January 27

Swing your heavy sword and dismember countless nightmarish monsters in the Gothic action game, Slain!. And when it’s got a pulse-pounding heavy metal combat, brain-busting puzzles, and heaps and heaps of gore, what’s not to love?


Release date: January 29

In the isometric action game Bombshell, you play as a gunslinger whose life was drastically changed after an event called “the Washington Incident.” Now, after being given a second chance by a private military contractor, you use your newfound lease on life to bring the hurt to those who deserve it. Did we mention the heroine has a robot arm? To crush skulls with, of course!


Release date: To be announced

Battlecry has you joining one of three unique factions, then waging war against the others in team-based, third-person PvP. Up to 24 players can duke it out onscreen, so you can be sure those battles are going to be a bloody mess!

For Honor

Release date: To be announced

Knights. Samurai. Vikings. In this hack and slash game, you ally yourself with one of three factions, who represent three of history’s most lethal types of warriors. Medieval badassery ensues. Multiplayer supports up to eight players, but your team will also consist of a host of AI teammates, ensuring every battle is a bloodbath. One of the most eagerly awaited games of 2016!

Dusty Raging Fist

Release date: To be announced

A side-scrolling beat ‘em up, Dusty Raging Fist has you assume the role of various anthropomorphic heroes as they brawl their way through lands replete with hostile enemies and rampaging behemoths. To make your quest a little more interesting, you’ve also got the assistance of tactical support characters, who can snipe enemies or bombard them with artillery fire. It’s going to be a blast!

Mother Russia Bleeds

Release date: To be announced

Spilled brains? Crushed intestines? Flying eyeballs? All in a day’s work in Mother Russia Bleeds. This fiendishly violent side-scrolling beat ‘em up takes place in a parallel 1980s USSR, and features awesome pixelated graphics that aren’t shy about displaying brutality in all its gory glory. Can be played multiplayer or solo for added fun.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Release date: To be announced

Scantily clad ninja girls do battle with other scantily clad ninja girls. Expect loads of uncomfortable camera angles and jiggling polygons!

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