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Quiet, the barely-dressed sniper, and your new best friend
Who is this gorgeous sniper? and why should we care?

3. Quiet can also run at high speeds

If you thought full invisibility was crazy, Quiet is also able to run at extreme speeds. This was first shown in the TGS demo at 8:56, where the player orders Quiet toward a location. In response, she cloaks and immediately speeds away in a puff of dust.

Quiet running off into the sunset
Quiet clearly running away from all of the people criticizing her outfit

4. Despite her strengths, Quiet has a weakness

While these abilities all sound amazing, Kojima has hinted that Quiet's amazing abilities will come with a weakness that is tied directly into the story of MGS V. We're just going to have to stay tuned to find out what can stop her. Fans speculate it is directly tied into why her outfit looks the way it does. 

Cloaked and being a bad ass
Seriously Quiet, you're like the bad ass love child of The Flash and the Predator

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