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Looking forward to Oculus Rift
11 things you may not know about VR

8. It’s not just for gamers

It’s being used to train everyone from military pilots to surgeons

With gaming prospects on the rise, it’s easy to overlook how virtual reality is already being implemented for practical purposes. The military has already been using virtual reality for years in order to train soldiers in everything from flight simulation to medic training to helping to treat PTSD. The idea behind the latter is help soldiers overcome their trauma by exposing victims of PTSD to their triggers in a safe environment.

Virtual reality can also be credited as a life saving measure as it is currently being used to train surgeons. Practicing high-risk operations in a virtual reality setting allows surgeons to make mistakes and ultimately learn from them. This process has been shown to successfully increase the skills of surgeons as well as decrease errors in the operating room.

How the army recruits gamers.

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