Overwatch vs. Battleborn: 5 Differences That Make Them Unique: Page 3 of 5

Overborn or Battlewatch, Take Your Pick.

3. The Guns

To quote the Mad King... Burn them all!

No matter what the developer of the hit game The Slaughtering Grounds says, gun sounds aren’t everything.

Luckily, though, both games have very different and very effective ways of looking at guns.


Essentially, in Battleborn, if you have a gun, you can aim down the sights. Targets are effectively smaller, and it’s much easier to miss. There are also melee weapons in Battleborn, but the guns are the focus of this section. Deal with it.


Meanwhile, in Overwatch, the only characters who can actually aim down the sights and look through their guns’ scopes are snipers. To my knowledge, this means a single character: Widowmaker. The guns in Blizzard’s game are much more run-and-gun, less aiming required. There’s the standard aiming up and down and left to right, of course, but the accuracy for hip-firing is actually pretty damn impressive.



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