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Path of Exile
There's things an exile needs to know

2. You WILL screw up your character

Have you looked at the skill tree? Go ahead, take a look, I'll wait. I'll even be here when you wake up after passing out. That thing is insane! It's amazing...but it's insane! Okay, now that we've recovered from the shock, let's get to it.

So, this magnificent piece of class creation craftsmanship is designed to give your character access to any attributes he or she may desire. You won't find any abilities for combat here, but you will find passive bonuses that boost your stats. Plus, there's some real character changing options towards the far end of the grid (those big round gold things).

This is where there difference comes in - every class starts at a different point on the grid and you basically plot a path through it to access the attribute boosts you want. You know those "big round gold things" I mentioned? Besides me giving it the worst name I could, they are what makes certain kinds of builds happen. So it's a good idea to plan your skill tree progress around them.

Down side? You have no idea how the stats work yet, what matters, what doesn't, and even if those elite skills (much better) will give you what you really need or completely ruin the build. While there are some opportunities to go back a few points, there are no full resets. Since you don't even know what combat skills you're going to have on get the picture.

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