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5. Vendor recipes!

If you're looking at the screen thinking "say what?", then you're in for a real treat! Remember that Horadric Cube back in Diablo 2? The magical object where you could place some items and get others? Okay. Now have you noticed how there's no gold in Path of Exile? Instead the merchants give you certain items in exchange for what you give them. Like actual trading.

Vendor recipes are what you can offer vendors in order to get a certain item in return. Let me elaborate on a practical example. If you want an item that can enhance the quality of your gear, say your weapon, you'll need a blacksmith's whetstone. To get one, all you have to do is offer the merchant other weapons whose total quality reaches 40% or more. For example, a sword with 10%, a dagger with 18%, an axe with 14% will get you one blacksmith's whetstone.

It works like this. 

For your convenience, here's an outside article with the top must-know vendor recipes in Path of Exile: 

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