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Size. Always. Matters.

5. Different Flavored Gameplay for Different Factions.

Meet the empires and what they're fighting for.

A Terran Republic MAX is not a New Conglomerate MAX is not a Vanu Sovereignty MAX for reasons beyond just the thematic or aesthetic.

While each faction shares the same classes and basic vehicles and aircraft, each also has its own specialized gameplay, weapons type, and faction-specific vehicles and aircraft. Experience pew-pew alien tech lasers as a Vanu, the BLAM BLAM shotgun everything as an NC freedom fighter, or the firepower of TR's near endless brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt (also known by its scientific name: Dakka). There is a palpable difference in gameplay between the three factions due to this, with each shining in different arenas – something to keep in mind when choosing a side.

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