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PlanetSide 2, gameplay, empires
Size. Always. Matters.

6. It's Noob Friendly.

PlanetSide 2, gameplay, VR Training

Above the base in the Virtual Reality Training map, getting a feel for how the Valkryie handles.

If you're new to this type of game, or even just this SIZE of this type of game, and it's making you leery of hitting the “instant action” button and diving face first into a fight, don't worry. With VR Training, all players can test out whatever class, weapon, ground vehicle or aircraft they like, and generally get a feel for how their game and different classes play while in a consequence-free environment.

It's also an ideal time and place to adjust your mouse and HUD settings. In addition to the option of VR training, all new characters go through an extensive tutorial, and finding a squad and a fight when you're ready to play is incredibly easy. With a recent update, nooblets are awarded an extra 100 credits with every rank they gain up to 15 in order to help them kit themselves out.

And, lastly, PlanetSide 2's official youtube channel is overflowing with Learn2PlayPS2 videos and also offers a Basic Training series that covers gameplay and quick class overview videos.

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