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“Walker Assault” is a mode where you can join in battles with up to 40 player characters.

3.    Different Characters have Different Powers

The iconic Force Push.

Luke has his trusty Lightsaber at his side because he is a Jedi and wouldn’t be caught without one.  Luke can also use the Force Push as well as a move entitled “Saber Rush” which is reportedly a fast and damaging attack. 

Darth Vader has his own Lightsaber, as well as his ability to Force Choke and throw his Saber.  Boba Fett has a wrist-launched rocket and a wrist-launched Flame Blast. 

Each character comes with his own strategy to play as.  This is also dependent on the enemies you find yourself facing.  It might take some getting used to, but once you’re a master, the game will only get that much more fun. 

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