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“Walker Assault” is a mode where you can join in battles with up to 40 player characters.

10.                       Every Developer is a Fan

DICE leads observing game progress. 

If you were at all concerned that Battlefront would not live up to your expectations, do not worry.  Every developer on staff is a fan of the Star Wars universe.  One person on the team collects parts of Lightsaber props from the movie sets themselves. 

The developers do everything from scan film props and use original sounds.  Battlefront is made for fans, by fans. 


Now that you know…

As I said before, Battlefront is a game made for the fans of Star Wars by the fans of Star Wars.  It’s built to give an authentic Star Wars feeling and allow fans like you to have your way in the galaxy.  Force your own way and pave your own path in a galaxy far, far away (but still on your computer.)

Because, who hasn’t wanted to be able to do any of this stuff?

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