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Because covert action RPGs are good for the soul

9. Alpha Protocol (2010)

A demonstration of Thornton’s Bond-like qualities

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Genre: Action role-playing, stealth

Alpha Protocol, Michael, Thornton, Michael Thornton, Guns, Game

The last thing enemy operatives ever get to see

Agent Michael Thornton is sent to Saudi Arabia to assassinate a terrorist leader, but it all quickly goes downhill, and he is left to his own devices.

Alpha Protocol features an extensive Dialogue system that enables you to significantly affect the storyline. When you aren’t talking though, you are probably shooting things, and for these situations Michael can use up to 10 special skills. Michael’s abilities are also upgradeable, which is an interesting RPG element.

With a very strong and well-written interactive storyline opposed by an unpolished gameplay component, Alpha Protocol is a flawed gem, but a gem nonetheless.

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