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Because covert action RPGs are good for the soul

1. System Shock 2 (1999)

System Shock 2 gave us Dead Space almost a decade earlier

Developer: Irrational Games, Looking Glass Studios

Genre: First-person shooter, Action role-playing, Survival horror

System Shock 2, Horror, Zombie, SHODAN, Pistol, Game, RPG, FPS, Stealth

The graphics might be dated but the gameplay is certainly not

Waking up alone in what appears to be an empty spaceship, you soon find it to be full of mutated monsters. With no idea of what is going on, you try to escape with your life.

Fighting the monsters is generally discouraged, as it is usually a waste of time and resources, making your stealth and hacking skills invaluable. Completing quests grants your character cyber modules, which can be spent for ability upgrades.

System Shock 2 is the unpopular brother of Deus Ex. Both had the same potential, but the former was just too unnerving to be around and was eventually forgotten, while the latter thrived. Don’t be like the rest and give the game a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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