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Top 10 Most Played Video Game Genres In 2015
A Titan takes hold of a pilot in Titanfall

5. Racing

Too fast and too furious, most of us have daydreamed at some point of speeding down alleys and driving like a maniac, unfortunately there are some legal liabilities to doing so and that’s where the Racing genre comes in. Nothing quite beats sitting back in your computer chair or on a couch, turning on your platform of choice and hearing engines rev up as you hear the beeping countdown to start your virtual race.

Get buckled in, it’s going to be a crazy ride. Racing games are here to stay, with the upgrades of graphics to the diverse playstyles that have been made up revolving around them to the core of just trying to land first place among your friends. You’re bound to find fun somewhere, even if it’s simply the scenery around you.

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Jbee02's picture

Jbee02 4 years 5 months ago

Two problems with this article. One. Third person and first person shooters are a sub catagories of the same genre and shouldnt have two spots in this list. Second i feel moba is a sub genre of rpg, and rpg should be number one on this list

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