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Top 10 Most Played Video Game Genres In 2015
A Titan takes hold of a pilot in Titanfall


Finally we reach the motherload of the gaming population. It’s no question that the MOBA genre, a relatively newer one at that, is the most played. With major titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Strife, Heroes of Newerth and many more the difference in playerbase is substantial. Games are popping up left and right for this name, although many end up failing, theres a reason they’re being made so substantially.

Something attracts us gamers about loading into a game that everyone is on an even level playing field and challenges our raw skill. The competitive aspect this genre brings also challenges us and makes you want to improve. Nothing quite feels as accomplishing as destroying your opponents base knowing full well that you’re better and nothing quite motivates you as losing knowing that you need to improve, seeking revenge.

With all of these genres to choose from, it’s hard to choose a single one to play but that’s the great part of being a gamer. You don’t have to choose just one! However, if you were to choose a favorite, what would your favorite genre be? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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Jbee02 4 years 4 months ago

Two problems with this article. One. Third person and first person shooters are a sub catagories of the same genre and shouldnt have two spots in this list. Second i feel moba is a sub genre of rpg, and rpg should be number one on this list

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