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Viking Games
Get ready to fight, pillage and raid in these Viking Games.

4. Rune

Alpha footage from Rune

Rune is an action RPG set in the brutal world of the classic PC game of the same name released in 2000.

Loki has plunged the world of Midgard into an endless state of Ragnarok (the Viking apocalypse), and you must battle monsters, giants and minions of Loki to restore the world to peace.

With a deep and satisfying melee combat system not unlike what can be found in games like Dark Souls, Rune sets itself apart by realizing the gritty and brutal world of norse mythology while also providing excellent action-packed gameplay and RPG mechanics.

If the going gets too tough alone, you can also team up with other players to take down the larger foes and share in the loot. The game also promises to feature rich player-versus-player modes where you fight over objectives and territory.

Not lacking for style, the developers of Rune looks to have gone to great lengths to authentically recreate the image we have in our heads when we think of "Viking" environments, monsters and characters. Plus, the pretty effects provided by the Unreal Engine sure are nice to look at.

As you slay enemies, you'll gather experience, currency and loot, all of which can be used to upgrade your character and eventually secure your very own Viking ship. The combat feels fluid and impactful, with a real sense of danger being felt every time you let your guard down.

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