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Viking Games
Get ready to fight, pillage and raid in these Viking Games.

9. Diablo III

Gameplay of the Viking-like Barbarian class from Diablo 3

Diablo 3 sees players battling the demonic hordes of hell after the town of New Tristram once again comes under attack.

Play as either the Witch Doctor, the Wizard, the Monk, the Demon Hunter, the Crusader, the Necromancer, or the Viking-like Barbarian in your fight against the underworld.

An action-RPG that needs no introduction Diablo 3 comes with deep gameplay mechanics, exciting combat, and unrivaled presentation.

Finishing the game is only the start in Diablo 3, battle through the campaign again and again in increasing levels of difficulty, for increasingly good rewards in the form of armors, weapons and trinkets.

Eventually you’ll discover a deep and addicting meta-game by maxing out the damage potential of your chosen class and climbing the worldwide leaderboards.

It can be difficult to make sense of the action sometimes in Diablo 3 among all the spell effects and hordes of enemies flooding the screen, but the more you play the more the game becomes a symphony of pattern recognition and skill in reflexes.

A big part of Diablo 3 is the continuation of the great and expansive storyline the first two games established, and true to form; Blizzard accomplishes this with unrivaled skill in computer generated cinematics and in-game voice acting.

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