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top 11 games like Dark Souls
The Souls Series has become famous (or infamous) for its often merciless difficulty

7. Skyrim

Arguably the unofficial rival to the Original Dark Souls, Skyrim is also a fantasy-medieval-RPG released in 2011. Despite the similarities, the experience in both games could not be more different. Whereas Dark Souls is a minimalistic, difficult, introspective, and lonely experience, Skyrim offers a vibrant world with an almost unlimited number of things to do, large numbers of NPCs to interact with, and a much easier combat system than Dark Souls.

While I personally definitely think Dark Souls is the better game, Skyrim is by no means bad. Because of its huge open world, seemingly endless number of quests, beautiful environment, and good writing, Skyrim creates a world that sucks you in and lets you forge your own path, and while the combat in Skyrim is nowhere near the challenge it is in Dark Souls, that’s ok, because for me, the focus of Skyrim is not to test yourself against the game’s mechanics, but to have a fun adventure!

Become the Dragonborn and fulfill your destiny in the land of Skyrim

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