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Top 11 Games Like Dead Space
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2. Dead Space 3 (2013)

Developer: Visceral Games

Genre: Horror, sci-fi

Theme: Man vs alien

Return back to the horrifying series you love with Dead Space 3. Take on a new and terrifying adventure with Isaac Clarke on the frozen plant of Tau Volantis.

As always, players need to fight terrifying necomorphs in order to survive. This time around, there's a widely varied roster of enemies that require players to determine how to best take them down. Players can decide if they want to sever off some limbs to make killing them or fleeing them much easier.

Whose ready to shoot it in the face?

Dead Space 3 introduces a weapon crafting system that adds extra depth and strategy to the game. Players need to scavenge for supplies to upgrade their weapons to their liking. A plasma cutter combined with a flamethrower or some acid grenades will brighten up anyone's day.

Rather than keeping Dead Space 2's competitive multiplayer, Dead Space 3 has drop in co-op that allows two players to experience the game's campaign together. John Carver, a grumpy man with a tragic past, is the additional character in co-op. His back story will only be explored in co-op, adding a bit of extra narrative to this mode.

This is the makings of a wonderful friendship.

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