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Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead
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10. Cry of Fear (2012)

Developer: Team Psykskallar

Genre: Horror, adventure

Theme: Man vs unknown horrors

Want a horror game that makes you feel nostalgic for the old horror games we love? Cry of Fear is ready to give you a trip down horror memory lane and leave you with so much more.

Cry of Fear is a psychological horror game set in a deserted town ailed with horrific entities. Players take control of Simon who is traveling throughout the city of Faversholm, searching for answers. The game begins with Simon waking up in a dark alley, struggling to understand what happened to him.

A face only a mother could love

This game is a mod of Half-Life 1. That’s right, the first Half-Life game. Don’t let the dated engine stop you from playing this game. Cry of Fear features new character models and textures as well as great cutscenes and first person animation.

This game features classic horror elements like jump scares, limited health and ammo, and obscure puzzles. The inventory management is very strict allowing players to carry only six items at a time. Players need to collect keys, find clues, and crack codes if they want to succeed.

Cry of Fear features so much content it could be its own game. There is an eight hour campaign, multiple endings with over 20 unlockables, an additional campaign that is unlocked after beating single player, and a co-op campaign for up to four players. The game also features modding support and even has requests for the modding community.

Be warned, this game contains very dark and heavy themes such as suicide, child murder, and drug abuse. If this game feels like a good fit for you, it’s a must play. Even better, it’s free.

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