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Arousing and disgusting at the same time

10. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (2006)

There’s an entire faction based around the works of Leonardo da Vinci

Developer: Big Huge Games

Genre: Real-time strategy

Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, Vinci, RTS, Strategy, Game, Steampunk

The units are interesting and unique

Set in fantastic world of Aio, Rise of Legends’ campaign puts you in the role of a nobleman called Giacomo Petruzzo. After his brother is killed by the rabid Doge of Venucci, Giacomo sets out for revenge.

Rise of Legends features three vivid factions to pick from:

  • The technology reliant Vinci, inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci
  • The magically inclined Alin, designed around a middle eastern theme
  • The alien civilization of Cuotl, which combines Aztec and SF themes in a striking way

The game also features special heroes, and unique Master units that you can only build one of, but are worth it for the spectacular bloodshed they create.

All in all, an unconventional and artistic RTS game that’s a good choice to snap anyone out of their boredom.

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