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best hack and slash games
Nothing beats stylish action gameplay and old school hack and slash fun.

10. Warhammer : End Times – Vermintide 

Warhammer : End Times – Vermentide is a first-person action shooter with hack and slash & melee combat elements. The game focuses on team based multiplayer co-op and its gameplay structure is very much similar to the Left 4 Dead series.

The dual daggers

Dual wielding makes you cool and awesome.

The game, set in End Times, allows players to team up with 3 other players to fight against Skaven, a race of rodent like creatures in the city of Ubersreik. Players can choose from 5 different heroes with varied skills. Some are best in melee hack and slash combat using swords, axes, maces etc., while others are masters of long ranged combat using bows, crossbows and guns. All players predominantly choose melee combat as the first combat option, as one swing of the sword can cut down the enemy in half without much hassle.

You can also use bow and arrows in game

Perfect killer eyes.

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