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Survivors of the Biohazards

7. Dead Space

Dead Space Launch Trailer

In this third person survival horror, you play as an engineer named Isaac Clarke as he is sent to repair a deep space mining vessel that has gone dark.

When the USG Ishimura, the vessel your girlfriend is currently working on, goes dark after unearthing a mysterious artifact from a strange planet; you decide to accept the mission to repair said vessel.

Immediately upon arrive; things go wrong.  The vessel is abandoned. The crew slaughtered and the halls are now crawling with alien creatures known as 'Necromorphs'.

Now on the run for your life; you must figure out what happened and survive long enough to find a way to escape.

Strategically kill the alien scourge as you search for answers

Battle in zero gravity; where enemies can strike from anywhere

6. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 gameplay

In this third person survival horror, you return to deep space to play as engineer Isaac Clarke.

It's been three years since the incident aboard the USG Ishimura; you wake to find yourself on the space station Sprawl, with no recollection of how you got there or the last three years.

Plagued by horrific visions of your dead girlfriend, Nicole, you must survive the latest outbreak of Necromorphs. As if that wasn't enough, there are humans after you as well, claiming that you are the cause of this latest outbreak.

Using new and improved weapons and abilities; you must solve puzzles, survive the outbreak and find answers so you can end the chaos once and for all.

Zero gravity gives you 360 degree movement

Use newly improved weapons and abilities to carve a path through the alien scourge.

5. The Last of Us

The Last of Us gameplay

In this third person action adventure survival horror, you play Joel, a black market smuggler that's been hired to get 14 year old Ellie out of the quarantine zone.

Twenty years ago a pandemic swept across the world, infecting over half the population. The country was turned into a police state and each city is placed under martial law.

Now, in the year 2033, all survivors are sent to designated quarantine zones that are meant to keep them safe and separate from the infected.

You are hired to lead Ellie, the only known person to be immune to the infection, out of the quarantine zone and help her get to the anti-government organization known as the Fireflies.

Stealth is crucial; use it to scavenge for supplies and sneak by enemies as you travel across the U.S. on your journey to rendezvous with the Fireflies.

Utilize Listen mode to locate enemies more effectively

Keep moving and don't try to take on the infected head on. Run and then pick them off one by one.

4. State of Decay

State of Decay gameplay

In this third person survival horror; you start off playing as Marcus Campbell, a man that went off to Mount Tanner for a fishing trip and came back to a zombie apocalypse.

It was supposed to be a simple fishing trip with your friend Ed Jones; then you're attacked by a group of nasty 'bitey' people.

As you and Ed make it back down the mountain you begin to realize that things have quite literally gone to hell.

The world has be lost to the zombies and now, you have to survive.

Explore the massive map as you scavenge and fight off the horde.

Build a secure and defendable base; recruit specialists like paramedics, soldiers, and gardeners to improve your odd of survival.

Train up each of your survivors into survival pros; scavenge for supplies and forge relationships with other survivor communities.

A word of warning; survivors can be killed and once they are gone... they are gone for good. So be wary, the game isn't over until the last survivor falls to the horde.

If you can survive this stage of the zombie apocalypse; then you'll have the option to join forces with up to three of your friends in the upcoming State of Decay 2, set to be releasing later in 2017.

Build you base and defend against the zombie hordes

Recruit and train specialists to improve your odds. The game isn't over until the last man falls.

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