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Survivors of the Biohazards

3. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die gameplay

In this unique survival horror, you must scavenge and craft various weapons and armor to fight off the zombies and survive the horde.

Explore a vast open world where you scavenge, collect build and fight against zombies, outlaws and other players.

Choose to play alone or with friends as you attempt to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Explore a vast world and deal with real world issues like hunger and dehydration.

Scavenge, collect, and create unique weapons and armor to give you a leg up in the survival game.

2. The Walking Dead 

In this 5-part adventure horror based in the same universe as Robert Kiekman's comic book series; you play as Lee Everett, history teacher and convicted criminal on his way to prison.

You're on your way to prison for murder, when the police cruiser you're in hits something and crashes. Unknown to you, the cruiser has hit a Walker – a zombie – and now the police officer that was your escort is one too.

Injured and disoriented you flee the shuffling undead until you find a young orphaned girl named Clementine, hiding in her tree house.

Protecting this girl will be your redemption...

Meet knew and familiar faces as you explore the world; every decision has lasting consequences that will affect how the story plays out.

Get a taste for how you would handle an apocalyptic situation as you are forced to make snap decisions on your road to redemption and survival.

You move through familiar settings from the series; protect your young companion and earn your redemption.

Make snap decisions that will have lasting consequences; can you survive the horror of the zombie apocalypse.

1. The Evil Within

In this survival horror, you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates the scene of a horrific mass murder.

You arrive on scene at Beacon Memorial Hospital with your two partners, Joseph Oda and Julie Kidman. Inside the hospital you find a grisly mass murder.

As you investigate, you see fellow officers being attacked by some unseen force. This entity kills the officers and then attacks you; rendering you unconscious.

You wake to a hellish world where nightmarish creatures and unspeakable horrors stalk blood stained corridors.

Explore the alternating environments that can change suddenly and drastically based on the decisions you make as you attempt to unravel the horrific and mysterious source of the evil residing at the heart of this deranged landscape.

Face and solve deadly traps and survive the horrors of this horrendous and ghastly world.

Beware of the alternating landscape as it twists and warps around you in response to your decisions.

Turn fiendish and terrifying traps against the hellish creatures that stalk you as you struggle to escape.

Have you survived this horror packed list?

There you have it folks, the top 17 survival horror games like Resident Evil.

Do you have other suggestions for adrenaline pumping survival horror games? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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