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A copy is a copy, but this a good copy

3. Don't be fooled by the difficulty

The forgot to mention the frustration...

This is something that happened to me. Being a Diablo 2 veteran and having a decent run through the first Torchlight game, I decided to start at a modest difficulty setting. After breezing through the first couple of quests I was feeling unchallenged. So, before I got too far in the game, I decided to start over at the max setting. Whoops!

While the first quests offered a challenge I was happy with, they were followed by some utterly merciless monster hordes. That difficulty scaled up quite quickly and had my health scale down from max to zero in 2 seconds. I sure asked for it! Of course, it probably would've been easier if I wasn't such a glutton for punishment and decided to solo the whole damn game on this setting.

4. Your necromancer pet

Torchlight 2 has some of the best pet choices I've seen! Have you noticed the headcrab?

Following my masochistic example of choosing to solo the highest difficulty setting, I had to take some serious advantage of what Torchlight 2 had to offer. So I thought: "Why not use this little bugger who keeps following me around and biting the big baddies?"

While a melee character, or even a spellcaster, doesn't have much use for the spells (especially with their own combat abilities draining away their mana), pets have no real abilities so they're perfect for it! Guess which spells they work best with. Yep, summons. Each time a fight begins your pet will summon whatever he can before even taking a bite out of a monster.

Since he (or she?) has a few slots for spells and doesn't use mana for anything else, he could effectively summon a decent angry mob as soon as you approach a threat, even if it's just one skeleton. Now that's a real pet for you.

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