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Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay
That oh so long awaited sequel

Verdict - 8/10

There's something to be said about Torchlight 2's lack of originality. Of course, there is also a lot to be said about how good it actually is. I don't consider it a downside to copy a game, as long as you do it right. They did it right, so that's another decent hack and slash title for us. Whoopie!

I'm not going to compare it or make any comments about whether this is the "real" Diablo 3. It's not. It's a tribute to an old favorite of ours and nothing more. Though the game is well worth your time if you're a fan of the genre and you will probably be engaged enough to want to finish it at least once, it's nothing new or revolutionary, nor does it hit the nail on the head in any aspect to make it truly stand out.

You could say that what keeps it from true greatness is the same thing that makes it great in a general sense. What do you think? How does it hold up against other games in genre? What other titles would you recommend to a fan? Leave a comment and help spread awareness.  

Here's a sexy treat, courtesy of the modding community. Seriously guys, mods are where it's at!

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