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A beautiful strategist.

6. Blackguards 2

Blackguards 2 presents you with creative and interactive maps.

The original Blackguards received mixed reviews because of its weak story and unbalanced combat, and the developers have learned from that. This time around, they have streamlined the game a bit, trying to make the experience more focused. You cannot make your own character, instead you have to play as Cassia, a mad woman bent on taking over the world. 

Blackguards 2 has many new elements.

The basic, turn based formula stayed, however with a few improvements. It shows that the developer listened to the gamers, and tried to make the best turn based RPG they could.

My rating: 3/5.

A march into madness.

5. Battle Brothers

This isn't going well.

Although still in early access, this game shows a lot of promise. You are the commander of twelve mercenaries. The game is very similar to Mount and Blade (without the horses, this time). 

Who says you can't fight bandits in your underwear?

As it is now, Battle Brothers features a near-complete battle mechanic and randomly generated worlds. The developers also promised faction wars and a story. The full release is scheduled to 2016, but you can easily put 15-20 hours into it as it is.

My rating: 4/5.

It's time to get medieval.

4. Invisible Inc.

She makes your heart skip a beat.

Invisible Inc. a turn-based stealth game with RPG elements in it. You lead a group of secret agents against an alliance of corporations. They have taken away your supercomputer’s power source however, so it will die in 72 in-game hours. 

Interactive spy movie.

When you’re out of time, you have to go the final level (and probably fail, because it is very hard). This makes for an interesting change, and forces you to play it through multiple times. Each time, you are awarded with more and more agents and tools to use.

My rating: 4/5.

Infiltration successful.

3. Might and Magic Heroes VII

Looks promising.

The Heroes series has been around for years, delivering more and more turn based strategy and roleplaying in a unique fantasy world. The seventh installment is said to arrive in September this year. 


The Haven race in action.

In the final game, there will be six playable factions, each with their own campaign. As of June 3rd, you can play the beta version of it, featuring two factions and two skirmish maps. 

Lead your heroes to victory!

2. XCOM 2

Looks shiny.

XCOM 2 was just announced, and it is already looking to be a worthy sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It is set in the future, 2035, where the aliens and humanity have “unified” – meaning that humanity has surrendered, and is now a part of the alien empire. Only a few humans are free. As the leader of the last members of XCOM, you must rebel against the alien rulers. The trailer has promised an interesting new setting, new aliens and possibly even melee combat. The only reason the game is not number 1 is because it’s not out yet. 

Welcome back, Commander.

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