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Wasteland 2
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It may look barren, but the desert conceals untold treasures for those who know how to seek them

The world of Wasteland 2 is every bit as harsh as the title would imply. The Arizona Desert, where the first portion of the game takes place, is full of marauding raiders, fearsome mutated wildlife, and even carnivorous plants.  But even outside of the things that are actively trying to kill and/or eat you, the environment itself can be extremely hazardous to one’s health. Heavily-irradiated areas will liquefy your internal organs in short order if you’re not wearing suitably protective gear, and you’d better hope that there’s an oasis nearby if your canteen runs empty.

Later on, your journey will take you to the ruined megalopolis of Los Angeles. A city of ruins overtaken by verdant greenery and pooled shadows that conceal mutants, fanatics, and worse. Unlike the desert, L.A. is short on wide open spaces, meaning that you and your crew are far more vulnerable to being ambushed and cornered than you were when you had the horizon to run to. Caution ends up being the key to survival.

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Look closely at the car wrecks…

In such a harsh world, it helps to make all the friends you can, and in both Arizona and L.A. you will find a number of fledgling human settlements that you may be able to negotiate with for shelter, refuge, and supplies. Your success in doing so will largely depend on how well you’re able to adapt to the peculiar micro-cultures of each community. The “Mannerites”, for instance, will not broke the presence of anyone who shows the slightest sign of impoliteness or coarseness. Other communities will want your actions to speak louder than words—especially the ones down on their luck. Whether you come as saviour or slaughterer is, of course, up to you: You might just decide to put everyone in Hardluck Town down, and make off with their few remaining earthly possessions. The game won’t stop you, even if your companions might.

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