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Wasteland 2
Worth the Wait


Robot rage

It takes serious firepower to deal with robotic foes

Over my many years of computer and console gaming I have seen many a long-awaited project fizzle on release as it fails to live up to expectations built up over years of anticipation. Wasteland 2 is one of those rare examples of a game that, despite its pedigree and the almost impossible-to-fulfil expectations placed upon it, manages to amaze even the crustiest, saltiest, and most cynical of RPG aficionados like me.

Fortified settlement

Towns without heavy fortifications are soon picked clean

In figuring out whether the game is for you, though, I urge you to think about what you look for in an RPG. If it’s min maxing and loot vacuuming (not that there’s anything wrong with these), Wasteland 2 is most definitely not going to be your cup of tea. If, on the other hands, an RPG is more a vehicle for you to tell your own story using the expertly-crafted storytelling assets of a superbly well-realized world, there are few games that I would put ahead of Wasteland 2—perhaps none.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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