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6. Single-Player Campaign Options

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While occasional games in the Wolfenstein series include multiplayer options, the vast majority of the games are single-player and single-player only campaigns.  The story is set up for it, especially when you are personally playing B.J. Blazkowicz. 

In a market flooded with first person shooters that are really meant to be played via multiplayer options, Wolfenstein provides a wonderful alternative.  Some people don’t want to or don’t have time to participate in large MMOs.  Even outside of multiplayer, Wolfenstein is an enthralling single-player that is comparably interactive. 

7. Good Soundtracks all Around

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood OST on YouTube.

Let’s face it, music makes or breaks a game.  From the beginning, the soundtracks to these games have been matched to the game.  The music is the perfect mix of stealthy slow parts, and high-pumping shooting reels. 

The newer soundtracks, composed by Michael John Gordon, feature everything from screaming strings to German vocals, to guitar riffs, and everything in between.  Some of the music is jarring, but you should expect that from games of this nature.  It adds to the eerie feel that the Wolfenstein games aim to provide.

Take a listen for yourself!

8. Innovative Writing

Official Gameplay Trailer for The Old Blood. 

Again, the original game didn’t have much plot beyond “escape the castle” and “not get killed by Nazi guards,” but the fact that this game has so many sequels and minor reboots can attest to the fact that there is a story here.  A story worth playing through and figuring out the finer details. 

Each reboot, remake, and sequel builds the story more around B.J. Blazkowicz and the Nazis he’s trying to avoid and get rid of.  Castle Wolfenstein introduced us to the idea of a video game that took place in WWII, with modern legends for enemies.  Plus, the advent of games taking place in an alternate universe where the Nazis won is a concept entirely unexplored until now. 

But more on that in the next point. 

9. Historical, until it’s AU

I’m not convinced we have that cool of planes now!

Originally, the games took place during WWII.  This was cool and innovative, made for an easy set of bad guys that everyone was down to kill, and solidified a setting.  Recently, the games have gone in a different direction: what if Germany had won?

And that’s what you get to play out.  What does the world look like in the 60s, assuming Germany won and Nazis have taken over? What do you have to do to stop the madness?

That’s what you have with New Order and Old Blood.  Hopefully future games will continue this trend. 

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