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I don’t think he’s surviving that.

10. Shooting and otherwise killing Nazis

To be honest, those look like Nazi Zombies.

Honestly, some people just want to kill some bad guys and not feel any remorse about it.  The Wolfenstein games encompass a setting where that is possible. 

The game is fantasy Nazi killing.  Everyone knows the Nazis are the bad guys.  You can convince yourself that every guy you’re killing “had it coming” because they’re SS guys and SS guys are monsters.  

Forget that they might have a wife and kids at home.  They’re the big baddie. 

And that’s what makes these games fantastic.  Put morals on hold, you’re going Nazi killing. 

To conclude…

Any Wolfenstein game you pick up is going to be full of Nazi killing.  You already know what side you’re on and who you’re up against.  So whether or not you’re in the mood for a side-scroller, an FPS for shooting Nazi’s in the face, or a more in-depth means of evading and brutally murdering them, there is a Wolfenstein game for you. 

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