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Metroidvania, metroid, 2D platformer, action games, adventure games, abilities, RPG, Casltevnia, Hollow Knight, axiom verge, Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary
There has been a serious resurgence of old-school type Metroidvanias... Read More
Iselda and Cornifer Reunited
So you wanna get rich quick in Hollow Knight? That’s cute. See, in... Read More
Photo of early beta charms
5. Mushroom Shell Slug Baldur Shell + Shape of Uun + Spore Shroom... Read More
[Top 15] Best Platform Games on Steam
These games provide the best platforming experiences.  Steam... Read More
[Top 10] Best Platformer Games for Android
Check out the best platfomers to play on your smartphone! ... Read More
[Top 15] Best Platformer Games for PC
  Check out if your favorite platformer make the list. If you... Read More
Best Platformer Games PS4, best platform games ps4
A diverse list of great platforming games!  After playing... Read More
Best Platformer Games Android
10. Spectrum Break Spectrum Break gameplay Brought... Read More
Free Platform Games
15. Brawlhalla (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox) Brawlhalla... Read More
Best Platformers, Best Platformer games
Platformers have long been a staple of video game history, and... Read More
Games Like Hollow Knight
It can be hard to top Hollow Knight, but there are games that do... Read More
Games Like Braid
Braid is considered by many to be an indie masterpiece. It’s... Read More
Best 2D Action Platformers
What are the best Action based platformers that you can find on PC... Read More
Celeste Review
Celeste - merely a charming platformer or one of the most... Read More
best steam platformers
These Are The Best Platformers on Steam Since the domination of... Read More
Best Mario Games for PC
The Top 5 Best Super Mario Games for PC Everybody and their... Read More
Games Like Terraria
Terraria is one of those games that defines its genre. It just keeps... Read More
best platform games
25 Best Platformers To Play Right Now Platform games have... Read More
best platformer games
Get Ready for Some Action In These Awesome Platformer Games... Read More
Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by the independent Moon... Read More
Mark of the Ninja
When private military forces attack the Hisomnu ninja clan, an... Read More
Welcome to the year 3587, a time where robotic warfare has spread... Read More
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