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Best Fire Type Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
When it comes to pokemon types, in terms of popularity, you would... Read More
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Pokeclicker is a funny game, in that regardless of what odds you’re... Read More
What are Vitamins and Why are they important? Vitamins are... Read More
10. Lum The Lum Berry is the Twentieth Berry in the... Read More
Before taking on any challenge in a Pokemon game, making sure your... Read More
What is Pokeclicker? Pokeclicker is a fun  incremental game... Read More
In Tera Raids, four trainers team up to take on a Terastallized... Read More
Pokemon Scarlet Best Order From Early To End Game
Pokemon Scarlet has you following three separate story paths that... Read More
With so many different Pokemon you can find in Paldea, it can be... Read More
Pokemon Scarlet lets you choose between Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and... Read More
Movies About Gamers
Since the release of Pong, mankind has always sought to recreate the... Read More
Arceus Legends has 242 catchable Pokemon. However, only 224 of those... Read More
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Best Starters (Ranked) Pokemon Legends:... Read More
10. Pokemon When it comes to variety and options, Pokemon has... Read More
Despite only having about 80 Pokemon, the Dark type (literally... Read More
Pokemon’s villains are a large and varied bunch, making them not... Read More
Since the beginning of gaming, people have either run away or fought... Read More
Fighting Pokemon
Out of all the types in Pokemon, Fighting is one of the simplest. Hit... Read More
Pokemon Champions
There are 15 characters in the main series of Pokemon who you fight... Read More
Pokemon Games
Pokemon is nearly 30 years old now and has over 100 games spanning... Read More
Heroes of Pokemon
Pokemon has been around for nearly 30 years now, so it stands to... Read More
Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon's Team Rainbow Rocket
A mafia boss, an angry pirate who wants to drown the world, and a... Read More
With nine generations of Pokemon and over thirty games, Game Freak... Read More
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