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With nine generations of Pokemon and over thirty games, Game Freak... Read More
Pokémon is one of the most successful franchises of all time, and... Read More
Bestselling JRPG
RPGs are a major portion of the Japanese gaming industry. The genre... Read More
 Pokemon UNITE Best Supporters All Supporters From Weakest To Strongest
In Pokémon Unite matches, supporters are characters focused on... Read More
 Pokemon UNITE Best Defenders All Defenders From Weakest To Strongest
In Pokémon Unite matches, defenders are characters with high... Read More
Pokemon UNITE Best Attackers All Attackers From Weakest To Strongest
In Pokémon Unite matches, attackers are characters with low endurance... Read More
Pokemon Unite Best Builds
In Pokémon Unite matches, players can support their Pokémon through... Read More
What's The Best Electric Type Pokemon Legends Arceus? Electric... Read More
Arceus Trainers
What's The Best Fire Type in Pokemon Legends Arceus... Read More
Dialga and Palkia
What's The Best Dragon Type Pokemon Legends: Arceus?... Read More
Pokemon Unite Review Is It Worth It
After almost two years since its release, Pokémon Unite continues to... Read More
Gyarados Strong Style Legends Arceus
 What's The Best Water Type in Pokemon Legends Arceus?... Read More
Legends Arceus Lucario Strong Style Attack
What's The Best Fighting Type in Pokemon Legends Arceus? A... Read More
Pokémon Omega Ruby Promo Art
To preface, this will be focused on in-game teams, due to the fact... Read More
If your girls want to get into gaming, or you want to give your... Read More
15. Bee Simulator (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Amazon Luna... Read More
Fire types are one of the largest typings in pokemon, so it’s... Read More
So many to choose, but who are the top dogs in competitive pokemon?... Read More
There are so many combinations for decks to dominate the competition... Read More
5. Zacian + Landorus (Therian Forme) + Zapdos + Kyogre + Gastrodon +... Read More
Best Pokemon Gym Leaders
Ever wonder who are some of the best Pokemon gym leaders? If you’... Read More
With over 905 playable characters and higher sales revenue than even... Read More
It’s said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - so perhaps... Read More
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A known hobby for most of the world, it’s near impossible to find... Read More
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