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Ethan with a shotgun outside of Zoe's Trailer
Resident Evil 7 may have come out close to six years ago, but it’s... Read More
The Iconic Survival horror game
Top 10 Resident evil games on PC   The Iconic survival... Read More
Horror Games, Horror Movies, Movies based on games, Horror
Gaming movies are quite famous for being very very bad. So I can’t... Read More
Top 25 Best Zombie Movies, Movies like Resident Evil, Resident Evil movies, Best Zombie Movies, Scariest Zombie Movies
It sure is a great time to be a Resident Evil fan; new amazing games... Read More
Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Remake ending, Resident Evil Remake bad ending, Resident Evil Remake best ending, Resident Evil worst Ending, resident Evil remake worst ending, Resident Evil HD remaster best ending, Resident evil HD remaster worst ending
Despite being a 20-year-old game,  the survival horror classic,... Read More
Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Remake difficulty, Resident Evil difficulty, Resident Evil Remake which difficulty to choose, Resident Evil Remake easy, Resident Evil easy, Resident Evil Remake Real Survival, Resident Evil Real Survival
Classic survival horror games have long been known for being... Read More
Top 25 Best Zombie Games for PC, Top 25 Zombie Games for PC, Top 25 Best Zombie Games, Best Zombie Games
The zombie genre has been around for ages, whether it’s in the form... Read More
Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Remake best weapon, Resident Evil weapon guide, Resident Evil Remake top 10 weapon, Resident Evil 10 best weapon, Resident Evil unlock weapon, Resident Evil best weapon unlock,
The classic survival horror, Resident Evil, released in 1996, sent us... Read More
japanese games, japanese video games, games by japanese developers, best japanese games
Japan is home to some of the best media franchises in the whole world... Read More
dbd, dead by daylight, leon, resident evil
[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Leon Kennedy Builds Leon Kennedy was... Read More
dbd, dead by daylight, jill, resident evil
[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Jill Valentine Builds Jill Valentine... Read More
Best 3rd Person Games for PC
It's all a matter of perspective. Ahhh the third-person, and I don... Read More
Best AAA Horror Games
Heavy scares from the heaviest hitters It’s always easy to get... Read More
Resident Evil Village Review
  How far would you go to save your daughter?  In... Read More
What are the Best FPS games out today? With all of the stresses... Read More
JRPG, Japanese Horror, Horror Games, RPG, Visual Novel, PC Games
Finally, a number of Japanese games have made their PC debuts, and... Read More
All Resident Evil Female Characters, best Resident Evil Female Characters
Resident Evil is Capcom’s top-selling franchise. The series is also a... Read More
Resident Evil Best Bosses
The Resident Evil series is a survival horror series that has been... Read More
Resident Evil is a very successful series, being Capcom’s top-selling... Read More
Resident Evil, RE3, Achievements, Guns, Coins, Mods, Top 11, Horror, Adventure, Shooter, Zombies, Umbrella
11. Hip Pouch This small, belted pouch is good for carrying... Read More
Best Resident Evil Games
5. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PC, PS4)  ... Read More
Former Umbrella operative Alice must take down the very corporation she helped build
Let’s face it, most zombie movies and movies based off of video games... Read More
Best Weapons in Resident Evil 2 REmake and How to Get Them
What Are The Best Weapons in RE2 Remake? Let’s be honest: popping... Read More
Five Best Handguns in Resident Evil 2
What are the best handguns in Resident Evil 2? In the Resident... Read More
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