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Best Technology Comics
How’s it going readers, technology is around us all day. I mean it’s... Read More
Best Western Games that are Fun
On the wild frontier, do you have what it takes to survive, or is... Read More
Are you an anime fan who enjoys suspense, thrills, and horror?... Read More
Best Movie Games
Video games that employ cinematic narratives have been among the most... Read More
best resident evil games PC 2018
Here are the top 10 best Resident Evil games to play on PC!... Read More
Awesome Con 2018
DC’s premiere comic convention, Awesome Con, returns to the Walter E... Read More
News Headlines Hold Video Games as Cause for Recent Fratricide in... Read More
video games, entertainment, movies
The most popular form of entertainment today is video games... Read More
Are you looking for epic battles, advanturous quests, and mystical... Read More
10 Video Game Movies That Became the Biggest Jokes of the Century (Ranked From Bad to Worst)
Here Are 10 Video Game Movies That Failed Epically It’s almost... Read More
Gameplay only gets better at greater graphics, we all know that.
What is 4K gaming? Gone were the days when 4K gaming was a... Read More
To Kill Or Not To Kill... Violence in video games has always been... Read More
A Promising New Year to look forward to Role Playing Games,the... Read More
A journey through the ages!
Journey with us through the history of video games! The video game... Read More
Because 2016 is just right around the corner!
2016 is going to be an enormous year for PC gaming, and we have proof... Read More
Video game trailer masterpieces
Looking for a comprehensive list of the best video game... Read More
Survival Horror Games: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them
  Love some survivor horror? Most gamers are no stranger... Read More
The video game music phenomenon is here!
Video game music phenomenon Video Games Live brings the industry’s... Read More
Video Games Live Set To Rock Malaysia And The World
Malaysian fans rejoice! Video Games Live is set to bring epic video... Read More
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