10 Things We Love About the Diablo Series

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The Diablo trilogy is arguably the best dungeon crawling experience in the gaming world.

A star falls from the cloudy night sky and leaves a trail of white hot fire behind it. The star crashes into a cathedral near the town of New Tristram and the impact violently shakes the ground for miles around. The citizens of the town gaze unnervingly at the sky as the town gate slowly creaks open. A cloaked figure enters through it and the citizens watch as the figure enters the inn. The citizens don’t know it yet, but this is the hero who will save them and their town from eternal damnation.

When the first Diablo was released shortly after Christmas in 1996, players were introduced to a challenging yet rewarding dungeon crawler that wound up being the first in a trilogy that Blizzard Entertainment would release. And although each game in the series is markedly different, the fundamental aspects the games have in common keep us coming back to play them. Here are ten things we love about the Diablo trilogy.

1. A storyline that becomes more engrossing with every sequel.

The Diablo series will make you want to “Stay a while, and listen” to its storyline.

The first Diablo was pretty cookie cutter, in terms of plot, but the second and third games greatly expanded upon the lore to create an expansive storyline. Recurring non-player characters such as Tyrael, King Leoric, and even Diablo himself allow players to both develop rapport and experience nostalgia from when they played the prequels. I’m sure many a Diablo player experiences some sort of emotion upon the mention of Deckard Cain.

It’s not easy to evoke emotion from players toward a digital character, but creating attachment to a fictional world has always been a forte of Blizzard’s, and the Diablo universe is no exception to the rule. While on the topic of recurring, nostalgic characters…

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