11 Best Open World Games to Play in 2016 (PC)

open world games

Explore huge fantastical worlds in these immersive open world games.

Murder your way through Victorian London, send the price of cocaine skyrocketing and help prevent forest fires.There are just so many ways to amuse yourself in 2016.

11. Far Cry: Primal

A Stone Age journey of hunting, battle and unlikely predator-prey companionship. You play as Takkar, the beast master, after his tribe have been attacked by another, rival tribe, and all your friends are dead. Obviously, after such an event, you want to take revenge. Simple enough.

Obviously, this being Far Cry, there’s a lot of action and rivalry and making headshots that, let’s be honest, most people on this planet would never be able to manage in real life. But that’s okay.

There’s also crafting (due to the lack of gun dealers/blacksmiths/trade laws in the Stone Age, you can’t actually buy weapons in this game), claiming bonfires a la Dark Souls, a handy-dandy day and night cycle, and the eventual goal of building your own tribe.

Of course the main attraction of playing as Takkar is the beast-mastery, allowing you to befriend predators that are much bigger than you and definitely want to eat you, instead making them slaves to your electronic will, which can assist you in your killing/travelling/looking at stuff from very high as required.

Plus, if none of that got your attention, you get your own pet owl. There you go.

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