SOMA Review: A Truly Scary Horror Game or Just Hype?

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Keep an eye on Catherine’s face in the title screen as you continue through the game.

What Horrors Lie Beneath The Dark Depths of the Atlantic Ocean?

Developed by the team that brought us horror hits like Penumbra and Amnesia is the 2015 PC horror survival game Soma.

Given the reputation of Frictional Games, Soma received an incredible amount of hype when it was announced. The anticipation only rose with the release of the first teaser trailers which promised us a science fiction themed horror experience in the spirit of Frictional Games’ previous titles.

Without a doubt, as PC gamers go into Amnesia withdrawal and seek out their next horror fix, Soma has some big shoes to fill. Only ten days after its release, Soma surpassed its predecessor Amnesia in copies sold more than three times over. The early success of the game is impressive, but is Soma truly the high quality horror experience we expected, or is it simply benefiting from the reputation of the studio? 

The preview trailer for Frictional Games’ new horror survival game Soma.



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