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best sci fi rpgs
Look at you hacker, pathetic creature of meat and bone.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

Deus Ex: HR wasn’t intended to be a reboot of the original game, but actually a prequel to the trilogy’s events. It retains much of the open world and exploration aspects of the first game (although it does force you to do the boss fights), allowing players to choose their own route through missions, whether it be brute force or striking from the shadows.

Inventory Tetris is back as well, a system that leaves players with limited space to hold their items, including weapons, ammo, medkits, etc. The player is in control of Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT officer employed by Sarif Industries, augmented against his will after he’s almost killed in a terror strike on the company. Jensen must track down the terrorists and eliminate them, while also struggling with his own demons.

Go in guns blazing.

Or take a more cautious approach.

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