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best dungeon crawlers
Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

24. Path of Exile

I was very much excited for Path of Exile. Unfortunately life kept me from devoting too much time to the game but I remember it as being sufficiently dark and gritty and also rather good looking as well. It had a lot of competition when it was released, but as a free to play game it provided a more viable option for those with limited funds. Outside of the central hubs the world is instanced and randomized to provide increased replayability.

There are six classes with a final class unlockable at the end of Act 3 of the story. Uniquely, skills can be modified with gems (and so can weapons and armor) in the same way that you’d pop a gem into a slot in WoW. The game also features quite a large skill tree with plenty of room for branching out, though the player must be careful where points are spent in order to attain maximum efficiency. The game also features “leagues,” alternate play modes including a pseudo permadeath system and two challenge modes.

Watch the spikes.

I must get the name of his interior decorator.

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