7 Days To Die: Best Traps (Top 5)

7 Days To Die: Best Traps
Use the best traps to defend against the zombie horde.

What Are The Best Traps in 7 Days To Die?

There are multi types of traps starting from the basic wood traps that are upgradable to metal traps. There are powered traps as well from the solar panel, battery bank, or generator required to run the trap. The following is the best traps based on stats.

#1 Dart Trap (Best for long range multi-attacks)

Dart traps are found under the crafting section of the workbench. Therefore you do need to be a certain level in order to make these traps.

The ammo is also in the workbench. You have to be able to make forged iron as well to build this trap.

  • Stats

  • Mass 20
  • Horizontal support 300
  • Hit Points-2500
  • Vertical Support- yes
  • Light Opacity-0
  • Explosive resistant-140%
  • Required power needed-10
  • Why it is awesome

  • Long range trap
  • Easy craftable ammo
  • Multi-hit chance

#2 Blade traps (Best for defense on all around the base)

Blade traps are found under the workbench as well for crafting, they can stack 10-15 in your inventory.

You need forge iron, mechanical parts, and more to craft them and forge iron on hand to fix them when they get damaged. You also need a power source to make these work.

They make cutting down the zombie horde, or blood moon a lot easier.

  • Stats

  • Mass 20
  • Horizontal support-300
  • Hit Points - 2000
  • Vertical Support - no
  • Light opacity -0
  • No explosive resistance
  • Required power- 20
  • Why it is awesome

  • Can cut zombies up fairly quick
  • Can put on walls
  • Protects the sides you are not at currently

#3 Shotgun Turret (best for on-top-of-the-roof pointing downwards)

Shotgun Turrets are unlocked after level 5 science. You need to be able to craft forge steel as well which is where a higher level of hammer and forge you also need to be level 60.

It takes forge steel, mechanical parts, motion sensors and more to make. It does fire shotgun ammo so stock up on lead and paper early on if you plan on using this turret.

  • Stats

  • Mass -20
  • Horizontal support - 300
  • Hit Points -1000
  • Vertical Support -yes
  • Light Opacity -0
  • Explosive Resistant -130%
  • Required power -15
  • Why it is awesome

  • It is a ranged weapon
  • Adjustable to the angle and area needed
  • Auto detects zombies
  • Cons

    • Uses shotgun ammo

#4 Auto Turret range shot (best if higher up pointing in farther directions)

As with shotgun turret you need the same items and level to craft the auto turret. The auto turret, however, uses up 9mm ammo. So you will need lead and brass to make 9mm ammo and have that skill perk unlocked.

With this turret, you go through a lot of ammo as it holds 500 rounds and by the end of the blood moon, you might have to fill it up twice.

  • Stats

  • Mass - 20
  • Horizontal support - 300
  • Hit Points - 1000
  • Vertical Support - yes
  • Light Opacity -0
  • Explosive resistance - 130%
  • Required power - 15
  • Why it is awesome

  • Long range
  • Adjustable area
  • Auto detects zombies or other players
  • Cons

    • Uses up 9mm ammo

#5 Iron Spike Traps (best for walls to give an extra layer)

The iron spike traps upgraded from wooden spike traps after you get forged iron. They do more damage but also it is an upgraded trap.

They can be flipped to be stuck on the walls of your base to keep the zombies from breaking through the walls.

Also, you can have all of your walls covered with these traps as well as on the ground in front of them.

  • Stats

  • Mass- 20
  • Horizontal support - 300
  • Hit Points - 132
  • Vertical Support - yes
  • Light Opacity -6
  • Explosive resistance - 140%
  • Why it is awesome

  • Withstand the bio zombies better than wood
  • Upgraded from wood ones and easy to maintain
  • Can use on walls as an extra layer of protection
  • Very movable and can use different angles

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