[Top 5] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Defense Armor (Early to Late Game)

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[Top 5] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Defense Armor 

(Early to Late Game)


How important is defensive armor in the game?


Defensive armor is very important in TOTK because it helps Link lose less hearts than usual. He’ll still lose some health in the process. Some armor have better defense points than others or have better unique abilities. Defense armor that offers no unique abilities aren’t on this list.


These are the armors with the highest defense, ranked from early to late game:


5. Rubber Armor (early game) 

Link tests out his Rubber Armor in the thunderstorm. 

Rubber Armor is one of the most versatile armor pieces because it offers shock resistance. Sometimes, players run into shock enemies or areas with thunderstorms. You can find the armor pieces at Whistling Hill Cave, Horon Lagoon Cave, and Sarjon Woods Cave.

The weather in TOTK is just as bad as in BOTW, with rains and thunderstorms. The rubber armor helps counter the weather during Link's travels. When lightning strikes Link, the armor will only allow the lightning to deplete 1 heart and 3 quarts of another heart. The rubber armor will also allow Link to take on enemies with shock attack abilities. 


What the Rubber Armor is good for:

  • The Rubber Armor is great early game because there are many thunderous locations. It will help Link survive and fight in thunderous weather.


  • Wear this against shock monsters. It will provide him some shock resistance. 


  • Become shock-proof! When upgraded twice, you unlock the shock-proof set bonus. This means that Link is immune to lightning.. It will help traverse thunderstormy areas such as Faron, Hrule, and Gerudo. 


Armor Stats

  • It has a starting base of 9 defense points. 
  • It raises shock resistance. When wearing armor, lightning depletes 1 heart and 3 quarts of another heart
  • The set bonus is that it is Shock-proof. 


Armor Stats after upgrades


1’st upgrade: 5 Defense points each, 15 total 

Total requirement: 

3 Electric Lizalfos Horns

9 Yellow Chuchu Jellys 

30 Rupees


2’nd upgrade: 8 Defense points each, 24 total, Shock-proof

Total requirement: 

24 Yellow Chuchu Jellys

15 Voltfruits

150 Rupees 


3’rd upgrade: 12 Defense points each, 36 total, Shock-proof

Total requirement: 

15 Zapshrooms 

15 Electric Lizalfos Tails 

24 Electric Saffinas 

600 Rupees


4’th upgrade: 20 defense points each, 60 total, Shock-proof 

Total requirement: 

15 Electric Lizalfos Horns

15 Topaz 

24 Electric Lizalfos Tails

1,500 Rupees


How to find the Rubber Armor:

The chest is located at Whistling Hill Cave, guarded by an Electric Like-Like. 

The tights are located at Horon Lagoon Cave. Destroy rock rubble to achieve it. 


The helm is located at the Sarjon Woods Cave. The water stream in there will take you directly to the helm. 


4. Tunic of the Depths  (early)

Link runs away from an Evermean! 

The Depths Armor is the best armor to navigate the depths because it offers gloom resistance! You buy the armor from Bargainer Statues with the exchange of poes after finding your 2'nd, 4'th, and 6'th Bargainer statues. 

The Depths Armor is the best defensive armor for dealing with gloom! There are many gloom-based enemies in the depths and some that are on the surface, and because of that, the armor offers gloom-resistance and a gloom attack-resistance as a set bonus. The awesome thing is that when the gloom-resistance hearts deplete, they automatically regenerate over time. 


What the Depths armor is good for: 

  • It’s great for exploring the Depths early game because it will allow you to walk on gloom for a bit. It will resist gloom effects. Wear it in situations where a battle has lots of gloom. 


  • While the armor isn't gloom-proof, upgrading it will make Link withstand walking on gloom a little longer. It will still take away the gloom-resistance hearts protecting you


  • The set bonus is a gloom-attack resistance! It means Link can withstand gloom-based attacks such as from Gloom-Hands. The set bonus gives you an extra gloom-resistance heart. 


Armor Stats 

  • It has a starting base of 9 defense points. 
  • It Offers Gloom Resistance. Each piece of armor gives additional gloom hearts, 3 total. 
  • The set bonus is a 4'th gloom resistance heart and a gloom-attack resist ability. 


Armor Stats after upgrades 


1’st upgrade: 5 Defense points each, 15 total

Total Requirement: 

9 Deep Fireflies

30 Rupees


2’nd upgrade: 8 Defense points each, 24 total, Gloom Attack-Resistance 

Total requirements: 

9 Frox Fangs 

15 Dark Clumps

150 Rupees


3’rd upgrade: 12 Defense points each, 36 total 

Total requirements: 

9 Obsidian Frox Fangs 

60 Zonaite 

9 Frox Fingernails

600 Rupees


4’th upgrade: 20 Defense points each, 60 total

Total requirements: 

15 Blue-White Frox Fangs 

30 Large Zonaite 

9 Frox guts

1,500 Rupees 


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3.  Evil Spirit Armor (mid game) 

All of Link’s horses and all of Link’s men couldn’t put Ganondorf’s skeletons back again. 

The Evil Spirit Armor is one of the best defensive armor because it offers stealth, prevents Link from being attacked by Stals, and increases damage when using bone weapons. 

You get the Evil Spirit Armor at the 3 Labyrinths.

1. North Lomei (Hebra) 

2. Lomei Labyrinth Island (Akkala)

3. South Lomei (Gerudo) 


Each is an exciting Prophecy Side Quest, and you must finish these quests to get the Evil Spirit Armor. If you love mystery and puzzles and don’t mind taking down Flux Constructs, this is the best Side Quest to attempt after completing Regional Phenomena. You'll want this armor for taking down Phantom Ganondorf and Ganondorf.


Discovering Hyrule at night during mid-game can likely be more hostile because of annoying Stal-type enemies and the chances of a Blood Moon coming. The Evil Spirit Armor is great at stealth and fighting scenarios, and it depends on whether you have Stal-type weapons. You’ll also find this armor useful in the Depths, where Stals are more frequent. It doesn’t always have to be worn at night, as stealth works in the morning too, and if you need to use Stal-type weapons against powerful bosses or mini-bosses. 


What the Evil Spirit Armor is Good For: 

  •  It helps you disguise yourself with the other Stals so Link doesn’t feel threatened. Because of this, they won’t attack him! Wear this when many of them are present at night when exploring Hyrule or whenever you visit the Depths. Make them your Evil Spirit followers. 


  •  In fight scenarios, the armor will enhance bone-type weapons. For example, the armor will double the damage of Stalkoblin Arms, which does 20 damage. As another example, it will double the damage with Gibdo bones, which are great for archery. With this armor, begin farming many Stal-type weapons because they will be great against many monsters. 


  • With this armor, face Phantom Ganondorf or Ganondorf with a Molduga Hammer. It takes about 3 hits to defeat Phantom Ganondorf. Throw 6 Molduga Hammers toward Ganondorf’s head to defeat him in the Gloom’s Origin phase of the fight. 


  • With this armor, you can face powerful mini-bosses such as Silver Maned Lynels, Gleeoks, Flux Constructs, Hinoxes, and Gloom Hands. Take advantage of the set bonus by throwing Molduga Hammers at them when they are weak and resting. Shoot Gibdo Bones at their heads and eyes to create more damage.


Armor Stats: 

  • 12 Defense Points
  • Stealth Up 
  • Set bonus 1 Stal Type enemies won’t attack Link
  • Set Bonus 2 Increases damage when using bone weapons


Armor Stats after upgrades: 

The Stealth armor cannot be upgraded


Here’s a special video on how to get the Evil Spirit Armor! 


2. Zonai Armor (late game) 

Link goes on a vacation in Gerudo ramming over pity Bokoblins. 

The Zonai Armor is one of the best defensive armor because it helps run Zonai devices more efficiently, and You can find the armor pieces at Zonaite Forge Island, Lightcast Island, and the Sky Mine. The armor is best to find later in the game because it takes a long time to improve your energy cell at its max, and the armor still performs great with little energy cells. 

The armor offers an energy-up ability, which improves Zonai energy efficiency. For example, with the full armor set, the energy cell battery decreases slowly. The set bonus, Energy Recharge Up, means that the Zonaite energy recharges twice as fast! So make lots of Zonai devices and use them while you wear this armor!


What the Zonai Armor is good for:


  • Explore more uncharted areas such as in the sky archipelagos. The armor will save the Zonai device some energy use because of its energy-up ability. There are plenty of mini-bosses to face later in the game such as Flux Constructs and Gleeoks. They live in floating coliseums which are super-difficult to reach! 


  • Start creating many unique Autobuild devices, and use those devices for exploring or fighting. There are plenty of transportation devices that can turn into killing machines, such as Big Rigs or Wings with canons glued onto them. 


  • Upgrade this armor once you've maximized your energy cells to 16 complete cells. The armor will be godly! The energy-up ability allows Zonai devices to function much faster with a larger input. However, this ability doesn't help the output for recharging. 


Armor Stats

  • It has a starting base of 12 defense points!
  • It has an energy-up ability, improving energy efficiency using Zonai devices. 
  • The set bonus offers Energy Recharge Up.


Armor Stats after upgrades:


1’st upgrade: 7 Defense points, 21 total 

Total requirements: 

15 Soldier Construct Horns

30 Rupees 


2’nd upgrade: 12 Defense points, 36 total, Energy Recharge Up.

Total requirements: 

15 Soldier Construct II Horns

15 Construct I Horns 

15 Zonaite

150 Rupees


3’rd upgrade: 18 Defense points each, 54 total, Energy Recharge Up.

Total requirements: 

15 Soldier Construct III Horns

15 Captain Construct II Horns

15 Large Zonaite 

600 Rupees 


4’th upgrade: 28 Defense points each, 84 total, Energy Recharge Up

Total requirements: 

15 Soldier Construct IV Horns

15 Captain Construct III Horns 

30 Large Zonaite

1,500 Rupees


Click on this special video on How to get the Zonai Armor!


1. Ancient Hereos Aspect (late game) 

Link takes on a Silver-Maned Lynel with brute force. 

Ancient Heroes Aspect is the best defensive armor in the game because it has the highest defense, up to 84 defense points! After finding all 152 shrines, visit the Temple of Time on Great Sky Island. The temple will reward you.

The Ancient Heroes Aspect Armor rivals the Zonaite Armor, Soldier Greaves Armor, and the Evil Spirit Armor because they all start with 12 defense points total. At its peak, The Ancient Heroe's Aspect Armor directly rivals the Soldier's Greaves Armor, sharing 84 defense points. The Ancient Heroes Aspect is better because it offers a set bonus, Master Sword Beam Up ability, and has an original design to TOTK's story.

What the Ancient Heroes Aspect Armor is good for: 

  • Get this armor later in the game during the final stages, such as completing all Shrines and finding the Master Sword. The armor is intended for the Master Sword giving the sword a beam ability when Link wields it. However, he must be at full health to use this function. Use this against Ganondorf! 


  • Use the armor to face the worst of the worst, Silver-Maned Lynels. Link doesn’t like being KO’d countless times, so plan to upgrade the armor to take advantage of its high defense points.


  • When worn and upgraded twice, it will increase the Master Sword's beam's range. No more wasting arrows, and you can finally feel like a legend throwing beams of light at the Demon King from further away!


  • When upgraded at its maximum, Link can withstand damage up to 84. It’s merely equal to the Demon King's attacks! Essentially, you should use this armor to defeat the Demon King. It will help conserve hearts when being attacked by so many brutal hits. 


Armor Stats

  • It has a starting base of 12 defense points! 
  • Masters Sword Beam Up ability when upgraded for a 2'nd time.


Armor Stats after upgrades


1’st upgrade: 21 Defense points total

Total Requirements: 

9 Silver Bokoblin Horns 

9 Hinox Guts 

15 Zonaite 

30 Rupees


2’nd upgrade: 36 Defense points total, Master Sword Beam Up

Total Requirements:  

9 Silver Moblin Horns 

9 Frox Guts 

10 Large Zonaite 

150 Rupees


3’rd upgrade: 54 Defense points total

Total Requirements: 

9 Silver-Lizalfos Horn 

9 Moldulga Guts 

15 Large Zonaite 

600 Rupees


4’th upgrade: 84 Defense points total 

Total requirements: 

9 Silver Lynel Saber Horns 

9 Silver Lynel Mace Horns 

9 Gleeok guts

1,500 Rupees


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