[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Two Handed Weapons

It's over Link, I have the high ground!

[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Two Hand Weapons


How good are Two Hand Weapons in the game?

Depending on which two-handed weapons you find, they are excellent!

They are even more excellent when fused with other items and weapons.


Use Two-handed weapons for spin attacks, slow-heavy striking, or spear striking. 

Usually, the heavier the two-handed weapon is, the stronger the spin attack. 

Hold down the Y button to unleash a spin attack, and when releasing a button, Link smashes!

Spin attacks continuously damage enemies, as Link could care less about headaches.


Be careful ahead of time because there may be spoilers. Please read at your own risk. This list goes from Early Game to Late game.


10. Gnarled Thick Stick 

See the Gnarled Thick Stick in Action! 


Gnarled Thick Stick Stats: 

  • Various Damage points: 19 Damage, 24 Damage, 28 Damage
  • Various Durability + Abilities 
  • Stone Fusion 20 Damage, 25 Damage, 29 Damage
  • Boulder Fusion 22 Damage, 27 Damage, 31 Damage
  • Spiked Iron Ball Hammer Fusion 34 Damage, 39 Damage, 43 Damage and Attack-Up


The Gnarled Thick Stick in Tears of the Kingdom is a club-type weapon. It is great for offense when you land on Hyrule Field.


Gnarled Thick Sticks can take out normal Soldier Constructs in one strike. They're more durable than sturdy sticks. They also fuse well with 3 items, such as stones, boulders, and iron balls. They add more attack power and slightly increase durability. You can easily take down weak enemies. They're best for mining, too!


Why Gnarled thick Stick is Great Early Game:

A gnarled Thick stick is a great weapon early in the game because you'll need to defend yourself against weak enemies that can wipe out Link's small heart meter. Once you've made it to Hyrule, rain and thunder will affect your metal weapons. The Gnarled Thick Stick is immune to lightning. 


What Gnarled Thick Stick is Excellent For: 

  • It's suitable for attacking against a camp of weak enemies such as normal Soldier Constructs, Bokoblins, and Lizalfos. Use a spin attack to knock out surrounding enemies! 


  • Fuse it with a Spiked Iron Ball. It does more damage than stones and boulders. It can 1 hit and defeat weak enemies such as Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and Soldier Constructs! Defeating stronger enemies, such as small or medium-sized Blue and Black monsters, takes several hits. You can smash them at the end of spin attacks or throw the club at them when it's broken! It might save your life. 


  • When fused with boulders or spiked balls, break through an enemy shield and strike back! You can also break their armor with these fusions. You can crush breakable structures in Shrines and breakable stone rubble in caves. 


  • It can keep your Hot Air Balloon ascending when you have a little Zonai charge! To do this, take out the Gnarled Thick Stick and drop it. Fuse it onto the Hot Air Balloon hinges and above the Flame Emitter. Whenever the flame emitter stops activating, the Gnarled Thick Stick catches a 2'nd fire to your Hot Air Balloon. Reach hard-to-reach places in the Sky Archipelagos! 


  • You'll need to crush many mineral deposits, and the Gnarled Thick Stick, when fused with stones, boulders, and spike balls, can help with that. Start farming lots of gems, rock salt, and Zonaite. Gems are high-value items. Rock Salt is a cooking item. Zonaite increases the Autobuild output. 


How To Get Weapon Name:

Head over to Deya Village Ruins and unlock the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. 


Your destination is at this enemy camp marked with a blue pin. Head in that direction. 


The Gnarled Thick Stick is right behind the enemies, next to the prisoner, in this treasure chest below.



9. Royal Halberd


See the Royal Halberd in action! 


Royal Halberd stats 

  • Various types of Damage points: 7, 16, 20 
  • 7 Damage 
  • Passive Ability: Improved Flurry Rush 
  • Various types of Attack Up Bonuses 
  • Various types of Durability Up Bonuses 
  • Zonai Canon Fusion 8 Damage, 17 Damage, 21 Damage with Attack-Up + 
  • Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn Fusion 23 Damage, 32 Damage, 26 Damage with Attack-Up +
  • Black Horriblin Horn Fusion 29 Damage, 38 Damage, 42 Damage with Attack-Up +


Royal Halberds are a spear-type weapon in the game. You can find them in Hyrule Castle. 

Many monster camps there like to wield them. Usually, Horriblins wield them in caves all over Hyrule regions. 

When decayed, the Royal Halberd may not be as strong, but it lasts longer than the Royal Guards' weapons in terms of durability.. They are easy to farm, and you should plan to have more than 2!  

It's designed for flurry rushes, striking forcefully and rapidly toward enemies. The flurry rush gives it more power. It's made for mid-range combat to pierce enemies away and for long-range combat when throwing them! They have various fusions and are at their best with Blue, Black, or Silver Monster Horns for powerful flurry rush attacks and Zonai Canons for long-range offense! 


Why the Royal Halberd is Great Early Game:

You can get the Royal Halberd early at Lookout Landing and explore Hyrule Castle. Even though it's decayed, it's designed for defeating weak monsters as you explore all of Hyrule and attempt the 1st Regional Phenomena in Hebra. It's more durable than wooden and royal guard weapons. Fuse many things onto it, such as monster horns, to increase its power for flurry rushes. 


What the Royal Halberd is Excellent For: 

  • Without fusions, It's effective against weaker foes such as basic Soldier Constructs, Bokoblins, Horriblins, Lizalfos, Chuchu Jelly, and even Aerocudas. Lizalfos like mixing it up by getting close to hitting and getting far to spit their goo at you! The Royal Halberd can close that distance because it's a long weapon. 


  • You'll need them when facing normal, Blue, and Black monsters. They are aggressive fighters, and with a perfect flurry rush, you can take them down while being further away. You can also fuse a Zonai Canon to defeat annoying Blue, Black, and Silver monsters.


  • You can crush an enemy's armor when fused with strong monster parts such as a Black Horriblin Horn! With a charged attack, you can break an enemy's wooden shield.


  • Throwing the Royal Halberd is more of a last resort. When it is about to break, you can fuse it with a Time Bomb or Bomb Flower to make an attack more explosive. You can also use it against Gleeoks when fused with an Aerocuda Eyeball.


How To Get Royal Halberd:

Don't be too worried about finding it precisely. Many monsters in Hyrule Castle and the Royal Hidden Passageway wield plenty of traditional Hyrule weapons. You can also find it in many monster camps on the Surface. If you want to do it the expert way, after each Blood Moon, re-visit Hyrule Castle and find monsters that wield Royal Halberds. Treasure doesn't respawn.


If you want to get it instantly, you can find one underneath a waterfall on 1F of Hyrule Castle. 


You have to stay on this level, below 2 Bokoblin archers left of the waterfall. 


Use the Ultrahand ability to fish it out. The sensor should look like this when you target it. 




8. Mighty Zonaite Longsword


See the Mighty Zonaite Longsword in Action! 


Mighty Zonaite Longsword stats

  • 25 Damage 
  • Multiple Variations of Durability Up + Abilities
  • Passive Ability: Zonaite Powered
  • All Zonai Devices Fusion 12 Damage
  • Zonaite Spear Fusion 30 Damage
  • Captain Construct II Horn Fusion 40 Damage
  • Soldier Construct III Horn Fusion 43 Damage
  • Soldier Construct IV Horn Fusion 49 Damage


The Mighty Zonaite Longsword is a rare two-handed sword in Great Sky Island. You can find it in dungeons or labyrinths. It is easy to find early in the game because Captain Constructs wield it at their campsites or shrines. You don't necessarily need to find treasure to find It. You'll likely find the Mighty Zonaite Longsword by accident when attempting all the Regional Phenomena main quests.


It's a versatile sword like its one-handed counterpart, the Mighty Zonaite Sword, because it increases its strength by fusing with other Zonai devices. However, the Mighty Zonaite Longsword fuses best with Soldier, Captain Construct Horns, or other Zonai weapons because they have more weight. The increased weight will increase the spin attack and defeat normal monsters, blue monsters, black monsters, silver monsters, and some dungeon bosses such as Marbled Gohma.


Why the Zonaite Longsword is Great Early Game:

You'll likely find the Mighty Zonaite Longsword by accident when attempting all the Regional Phenomena main quests. This is one of the best early weapons to get in the game because they fuse excellently with Soldier and Captain Construct Horns, increasing its strength by more than 30 Damage. This powerful Zoanite weapon will help you increase your level scaling immediately by defeating many normal, Blue, and Black monsters and getting better weapons in the Depths.


What Mighty Zonaite Longsword is Excellent For:

  • Using the sword without fusions is excellent for defeating weaker enemies, such as normal Bokoblins, with 1 hit. 


  • When fused with a Zonaite Spear, you can increase its length and strength! Because it is so long, you can use the spin attack to knock out a swarm of enemies surrounding you. It's perfect against Yiga Clan Members trying to mug you by striking all the blind spots they would teleport to. 


  • Fuse with Soldier or Captain Construct Horns to increase its strength! It's best when fused with Soldier Captain Construct Horns because it deals 49 Damage. This feature is perfect for defeating blue, black, and silver monsters.


How To Get Weapon Name:

 If you do want to get one instantly, you can attempt the Rakakudaj Shrine in the Gerudo Highlands, aka the Gerudo Canyon Crystal Shrine Quest. It’s one of the first recommended Shrine Quests to do.


Follow this direction from the river and you’ll make it to the Shrine. Complete the shrine quest to get the Mighty Zonaite Longsword. 


7. Magic Scepter 


See the Magic Scepter in action! Go to the 3 minute mark. 


Magic Scepter stats 

  • 7 Damage 
  • Star Fragment 8 Damage 
  • Sapphire Fusion 8 Damage
  • Ruby Fusion 8 Damage
  • Topaz Fusion 8 Damage 
  • Opal Fusion 8 Damage
  • Charged Attacks increase range


Magic Scepters are magical two-handed weapons. You can find them in various ways, such as finding them in treasure all around Hyrule, defeating a Wizzrobe, and buying them from Bargainer Statues for 100 Poes. 


The Magic Scepter may be laughable at first because its damage is low. You don't use it physically. Fuse with elemental abilities such as Star Fragments, Topaz, Opal, Ruby, and Sapphire onto them to make them powerful. It's highly underrated because it throws glowing orbs when fused with Star Fragments, making the Depths and dark caves light up. 


Why the Magic Scepter is Great Early Game: 

The Magic Scepter is a great weapon to get early in the game because you likely have some materials from the Sky and Surface, such as Star Fragments, Opal, Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire. Magic Scepters fuse with those items. It's also likely you opened treasure in some shrines with the Magic Scepter and kept them for some time. 


Before attempting A Mystery in the Depths, explore the Sky at night and grab a Star Fragment. When Magic Scepter fuses with Star Fragments, it throws glowing orbs, making the Depths visible. That's super helpful because you don't have to waste arrows shooting Brightbloom Seeds everywhere in the Depths. Also, you might not have enough Brightbloom Seeds when entering the Depths. 


What Magic Scepter Is Excellent For: 

  • It's super valuable for the Depths! When fused with a Star Fragment, press Y. It will light up a portion of Link's field of vision. A charged attack will even light up a larger radius where you are in the Depths! It won't affect enemies. 


  • When fused with Topaz, the Magic Rod shoots out shock orbs. It does almost the same thing as the Star Fragment by providing some light, but it gives an offensive oomph to paralyze monsters. When using a charged attack, it shoots out many and bounces off objects! 


  • When fused with Ruby, the Magic Rod shoots out fire orbs. It still lights up the Depths and burns enemies! When using the charged attack, it shoots out many fire orbs! This fusion is helpful against the Evermeans, who burn faster than other monsters.


  •  It's also effective against ice monsters. You can also create quick updrafts when burning grass or wood with it. 


  • When fused with Sapphire, the Magic Rod shoots out a freezing mist that freezes enemies. When fused with Sapphire, it has lots of range and can freeze many enemies surrounding it when used with a charged attack! It's effective against fire enemies. It also creates many ice platforms on water. 


  • When fused with Opal, the Magic Rod shoots out water orbs. It does an excellent job washing off gloom! It does minor damage to enemies, but it's not very effective. 


How To Get Weapon Name:

The best way to get the Magic Scepter early game is by traveling to Hateno Village, and unlocking the Mayaihisk Shrine.


Sit near a cooking pot or camp fire in Hateno Village. 



Go to Lake Sumac, by the forest behind the Hateno Pasture. 


The cave is on the right side of the small forest. 


Follow through the cave and go to the first hole on the right. I marked it with Brightbloom Seeds. There’s no puzzle. It's a generous Rauru's Blessing. Thanks Rauru! 


6. Boulder Breaker


See the Boulder Breaker in Action!


Boulder Breaker stats: 

  • 34 Damage
  • Spiked-Iron-Ball Fusion 53 Damage 
  • Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn Fusion 54 Damage 
  • Black Horriblin Hammer Fusion 60 Damage
  • Black Hinox Horn Fusion 65 Damage 
  • Flux Construct III Core Fusion 70 Damage
  • White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn 78 Damage


The Boulder Breaker is a special two-handed club weapon in Goron City, Eldin. It was once Daruk's weapon in Breath of the Wild, and you can wield it again in Tears of the Kingdom. 


The Boulder Breaker is a powerful weapon for two types of uses. Without fusing, the boulder Breaker is best for mining. It stays durable and lasts a long time. It's best fused with monster parts to defeat strong enemies such as Stone Taluses and Froxes, who are weak against spin attacks.


Why the Boulder Breaker is Great Early Game:

The Boulder Breaker isn't just another alternative to beat enemies. It's better than an average Cobble Crusher and can help mine Mineral and Zonaite Deposits so Link can get rich early.

 You're supposed to face some Stone Taluses and some Froxes to expedite the frequency of the minerals and Zonaite you farm. Doing this can help upgrade armor, increase rupees, and increase Autobuild's output as you progress through the game.


What the Boulder Breaker Is Excellent For:

  • It has strong durability and can crush deposits. Crush lots of mineral deposits to get rich early in the game! It's also helpful in crushing Zonai deposits, so you can have a higher Zonaite output, which is how Autobuild functions. 


  • It's best to fuse with monster horns that look like iron hammers or axes because it's a club weapon. It will deal with more damage. It's mighty with Black Hinox Horns, Flux Construct III Horns, or White-Maned Lynel Mace Horns. 


  • It's excellent against Stone Taluses when fused with monster parts. These monsters have Deposits living on top of them, and if you use a spin attack, you can defeat them efficiently. With attack-up armor and fusions, crushing them is extremely fast!


  • They're also good with taking down Flux Constructs when fused with monster parts. When you've shot the Flux Construct's head, rush toward it and begin powerful spin attacks against it.


  •  Fuse the Flux Construct III Horn with the Boulder Breaker to take down Froxes more easily! Froxes are similar to Stone Taluses and have Zonaite Deposits living on top of them. 


  • When fused with monster parts, you can instantly crush armored enemies! This skill is also valuable for breaking down armored Lynels. Use the spin attack to knock out surrounding enemies.



How To Get Weapon Name:

1’st, complete the Regional Phenomena in Goron City and save the Gorons from Marbled Gohma. 



2’nd, there will be a Side Quest available if you talk to Fugo called Soul of the Gorons. To forge the Boulder Breaker, he needs a Cobble Crusher, 3 Diamond, and 5 pieces of flint. Buy 3 Diamond at the Goron Shop and sell your stuff if necessary. 


3’rd, you can find a Cobble Crusher hiding in a treasure chest in an enemy camp west of the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. 


4’th, you can mine for flint around Yunobo HQ, inside the Death Mountain Foothill Cave. It’s more reliable than other caves. Caution, monsters passing! 


Now, you’re able to go back and talk to Fugo and achieve the Boulder Breaker! 


5. Fierce Deity Sword 

See the Feirce Deity Sword in action!



Fierce Deity Sword Stats

  • 38 Damage
  • Wearing the Fierce Deity Armor gives a Level 3 Attack-Up boost. 
  • Dragon Horn Fusion 64 Damage 
  • Gleeok Horn Fusion 68 Damage
  • Flux Construct III Core 70 Damage
  • Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn Fusion 75 Damage
  • White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 82 Damage


The Fierce Deity Sword is part of Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity. It's located at the Cephla Lake Cave after achieving the Fierce Deity armor set. It is considered the best 2-handed weapon to find during the regional phenomena journey. 


The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the most overpowered swords because it boasts 38 Damage! As a bonus, the Fierce Deity armor comes with the sword, adding an attack-up ability. It's a two-handed heavy sword that allows Link to strike enemies around him or strike heavier enemies continuously. If it breaks, you can buy the Fierce Deity Sword from Bargainer Statues in the Depths for 150 Poes.


Why The Fierce Deity Sword is Perfect Early and Mid-Game: 

As a disclaimer, you can get the Fierce Deity Sword any time during the game. However, achieving it during your Regional Phenomena journey is best because you'll unlock fast travel points to quickly achieve the Fierce Deity armor. Then, you can get the sword back at Cephla Lake Cave. 


You'll want this early in the game because farming monster parts is essential to beating some dungeon bosses, such as Marbeled Gohma and Queen Gibdo. With the Fierce Deity, you'll want to face a few mini-bosses, such as regular Taluses, Lynels, Moldugas, and Hinoxes. The Fierce Deity shines when fusing monster parts with it, making battles against the dungeon bosses effortless by inflicting more damage. After completing all regional phenomena, it will prepare you for brutal battles set in the Depths.


What The Fierce Deity Sword Is Excellent For: 

  • It's great for facing all the mini-bosses you will come across! When first received, it's powerful against normal Stone Taluses, Lynels, Moldugas, and Hinoxes. Those are the easiest Mini-Bosses. After achieving easy monster parts, you can begin farming blue, black, silver, or white monster parts. 


  • It's best fused with monster parts such as Dragon Horns, Gleeok Horns, Flux Construct Cores, Silver Boss Bokoblin Horns, and White Maned Lynel Horns. These fusions are ideal for fighting against Marbled Gohma, Muktork, and Queen Gibdo. As another example, fuse a Flux Construct Core to spin an attack against Blue White Froxes!


  • It's perfect for raiding enemy camps! You can move around Link's spin attack and hit as many surrounding enemies as possible. The charged attack is almost as great as the spin attack, creating a perfect final blow when fused with a Fire Gleeok Horn! It creates a burst of flames. 


Read this Article to get the Fierce Deity!


4. Eightfold Longblade  


See the Eightfold Longblade in Action! 


Eightfold Longblade stats

  • 8 Damage 
  • Passive Ability: Wind Slashes 10 Damage 
  • Muddle Bud Fusion 18 Damage
  • Dragon Horn Fusion 43 Damage and Attack Up + 9
  • Elemental Gleeok Horn Fusion 47 Damage and Attack Up + 9 
  • Silver Lizalfos Horn 51 Damage and Attack Up + 9 
  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 88 Damage and Attack Up +9 
  • Charge Attacks Increase Range


The Eightfold Longblade belongs to the Yiga Clan members, but now it belongs to Link! 


The Eightfold Longblade is a two-handed special weapon that unleashes wind slashes when striking for far-range or mid-range advantage. It's strong when fused with elemental monster parts such as Keeses, Lizalfos, Dragon Horns, and Gleeok Horns. 


Why the Eightfold Longblade is Great Mid-Game:

In between completing all 4 Regional Phenomena and before attempting the main quest Crisis at Hyrule Castle, the Eightfold Longblade is most useful for elemental, black, and silver monster horn farming. It's the best time to attempt 3 side quests, the Goddess Statues of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. You'll visit Naydra, Farosh, and Dinraal and can fuse their dragon horns onto the Eightfold Blade, increasing its power! 


What Eightfold Longblade Is Excellent For:

  • It's best used with Dragon Horns when you first get it! Dragon Horns make 43 damage. Use Farosh for Lightning, Naydra for Ice, and Dinraal for Fire. The wind slashes mimic the elements, shooting out lightning, ice, and fire bursts. 


  • When fused with Muddle Bud, use wind slashes to confuse a whole enemy camp! Unlike most weapons, the Eightfold Longblade will stay fused with the muddle bud because it won't lose it. 


  • It's excellent against elemental monsters such as Fire and Ice Lizalfos. 1 strike with the proper fusion defeats them. Strike Fire Lizalfos with Ice Monster parts. Strike Ice Lizalfos with Fire monster parts. It's perfect against Silver Lizalfos with fire, ice, or shock horns.


  • It's great against strong elemental Taluses. Cancel a Frost Talus by striking with a fused fire monster part. Cancel an Igneo Talus by striking with an Ice monster part. If a Talus has a Deposit on their back, the Eightfold Blade can get an angle on them! 


  • Don't get so close to scary silver monsters like the Silver Bokoblin and Silver Moblin! Attack them from a little further away when wielding the Eightfold Longsword. Burning or shocking them slows them down as they're too powerful to move.


How To Get Weapon Name:

Go to the Dueling Peaks Stable. You can Fast Travel via the Eshos Shrine. 


Feed the dog there. Give him many apples, or any other food that it likes until it leads you to the treasure. It holds an Eightfold Blade with 17 Damage. 


Right behind this tree! 


3. Lightscale Trident

See the Lightscale Trident in action!

Lightscale Trident stats: 

  • 22 Damage 
  • When wet, 44 Damage
  • Passive Ability: Deals extra damage when wet 
  • Opal Fusion 46 Damage
  • King's Scale Fusion 54 Damage


Stats for Wet Monster Fusions:  

  • Molduga Jaw 108 Damage
  • Silver Lizalfos Horn 112 Damage
  • Gibdo Bone Fusion 124 Damage
  • White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 132 Damage
  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 154 Damage


The Lightscale Trident is a two-handed weapon that Link's crush, Mipha, once wielded in Breath of the Wild. You can get the weapon again in Tears of the Kingdom! You achieve it at Zora's Domain after completing Zora's Regional Phenomena. 


The Lightscale Trident is one of the most overpowered weapons in the game because it will enhance its attack power when it gets wet. It does this for all fusion items, except for already wet items such as the Blue Chuchu Jelly, Splash Fruit, and King's Scale. You want to fuse with powerful fuse items such as Silver monsters, Gibdo Bones, and White and Silver Lynel Horns. 


The game designed this weapon using Sidon's water shield ability. The water shield increases the Lightscale Trident's strength and simultaneously protects Link. It’s not necessarily needed when Link fights in the rain, as the rain enhances the Lightscale Trident.


Why the Lightscale Trident is Great Late Game:

The Lightscale Trident is a great weapon later in the game because you will want to use it during the main quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle. It is an overpowered weapon that can defeat Phantom Ganon quickly and help wash off the gloom from the fight. You'll get to use the weapon with Sidon during Crisis at Hyrule Castle, so prepare to get it wet! 


What Lightscale Trident Is Excellent For: 

  • By itself, the Lightscale Trident is highly durable and made for mid-range combat, stabbing enemies from afar. When wearing attack-up armor, get it wet and activate a flurry rush. You'll have a huge attack buff!


  • When fused with Opal, it's great for washing off gloom away! A charged attack shoots out many water orbs. It's also useful for long-range combat, as the water orb can damage an enemy with higher damage stats. 


  • Other great fusions are Gibdo Bones and Silver-White Lynel Horns. They have tremendous stats when wet, as Gibdo Bones do 124 Damage, and Silver-Lynel Saber Horns do 154. These items and the Lightscale Trident can prepare to defeat Phantom Ganon during the main quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle.


  • It's excellent for taking down the most difficult Mini-Bosses such as Gloom Hands, Froxes, Gleeoks, White-Maned Lynels, and Silver-Maned Lynels. Useful monster parts that defeat these monsters are Silver Lizalfos Horns, Gibdo bones, and White or Silver Maned Lynel Horns. 


How To Get Weapon Name:

1’st, to get the Lightscale Trident you have to complete the Zora’s Regional Phenomena. 


2’nd, go to Dento who is the blacksmith behind the General Store. Talk to him to start the Side Quest called Glory of the Zora. He needs a Zora Spear, 3 Diamonds, and 5 pieces of Flint to make the Lightscale Trident. It’s recommended to wait for night time sitting by a cooking pot. 


3’rd, the best way to get the Zora Spear is by Fast Traveling to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and gliding to the Tabahl Woods Cave. 


Glide in this direction, be on the lookout for a glowing bunny around the woods area. 


It should be around a strange rocky valley, head straight and look right from inside this valley.


Save in this area and destroy Like-Likes in this cave. One of them will drop a Zora Spear. In case one doesn’t, go back to your last save from when you found this cave.


3’rd, Fast Travel Back to Goron City to buy 3 Diamonds. Re-enter Death Mountain Foothill Cave to mine for 5 pieces of Flint. 


4’th, Fast Travel back to Zora’s Domain via the Mogawak Shrine. Dento can now make it! 


2. Dusk Claymore


See the Dusk Claymore in Action! 


Dusk Claymore Stats

32 Damage

No passive ability

Fierce Deity Fusion 70 Damage

Scimitar of the Seven Fusion 92 Damage


The Dusk Claymore is an iconic sword known as The Six Sages Sword based on the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game. It’s available in Tears of the Kingdom.  It's a robust and durable two-handed sword. You can get it after completing all 4 Regional Phenomena and right after the Crisis at Hyrule Castle main quest. It's located in the Typholo Ruins and is part of an easy side quest called Investigate the Typholo Ruins. 


Because of its length, the Dusk Claymore is inevitable in battle. It's most effective with spin attacks. To experience its might, you must wear Attack-Up armor with it.


Compared to swords like the Gloom Sword, the Dusk Claymore is more durable and available by buying it from Bargainer statues. You'll want to have more of it because it's easy to farm. It's super powerful when fusing the Dusk Claymore onto the Scimitar of the Seven sword, boasting 92 Damage. 


Why the Dusk Claymore is Perfect Late Game: 

You'll want this sword right after Crisis at Hyrule Castle and before Finding the Fifth Sage because many annoying weak and strong enemies will get in your way. It's perfect for exploring the Depths when attempting the Spirit Temple. When you first achieve it, Bargainer statues will have the Dusk Claymore available for sale, and you can get many of them for 150 poes. 


It's beneficial when starting coliseum fights in the Depths and the final boss fight. Like the Fierce Deity, you'll want to use it to face mini-bosses and begin farming monster parts from mini-bosses and dungeon-bosses.


What the Dusk Sword is Excellent For: 

  • The Dusk Claymore can do fantastic things to speed up raiding enemy camps in the Depths. You can knock out Bokoblins with 1 hit. You can knock out Moblins and Silver monsters with fewer hits. For example, you can take out a Silver Lizalfos and Moblin with 20 hits. 


  • It has a great fuse combination with the Scimitar of the Seven! Equip the Scimitar of the Seven and fuse the Dusk Claymore onto it. It's called the Dusk-Claymore Scimitar. It's perfect for coliseum fights! For example, in Floating Coliseum, the weapon will defeat the first 2 Lynels without breaking, and best when waiting for Flurry Rushes. 


  • You'll want to use it during the final boss fight. The Dusk Claymore is another powerful alternative to the Master Sword when the Master Sword is charging. 


How to get the Dusk sword: 

 You can get the Dusk Claymore from the Ganondorf Amiibo from several retailers such as the Nintendo Store, Target, Amazon, and GameStop.


Want to get it for free instead?  Watch this special video about how to get the Dusk Sword! 


1. Royal Guards Claymore



See the Royal Guards Claymore in action!


Royal Guards Claymore stats: 

  • 32 Damage
  • 64 Damage at breaking point. 
  • Spin Attack
  • Passive ability: Breaking Point
  • White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 152 Damage at its breaking point!
  • Molduga Jaw Fusion 160 Damage at its breaking point! 


The Royal Guards Claymore is one of the best claymores in the game! It lives in Hyrule Castle in the Sanctum. It respawns after a Blood Moon occurs.  


The Royal Guards Claymore is a powerful weapon best fused with the Molduga Jaw, White-Maned Lynel Saber Horns, and Silver-Maned Lynel Saber Horns. It's perfect against coliseum battles and the final boss fight. However, it breaks. It's usually best to activate the flurry rush or throw it at the enemy!


Some players like to have many Royal Guards Claymores and get them to their breaking point. Then, they fuse them with high-fuse attack items such as Lynel Horns or Molduga Jaws.


Why the Royal Guards Claymore is Great Late Game: 

Getting this weapon requires many inventory slots, so you must upgrade your inventory much earlier in the game before you get Royal Guard Claymores. Getting one Royal Guard Claymore is not enough. You must save half your inventory to experience its almighty greatness.


It's perfect during late-game because it can smash various coliseum monsters, such as Silver Monsters, Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynels, White-Maned Lynels, and Silver-Maned Lynels. It can defeat Ganondorf in 6 hits. However, you must wear the Evil Spirit Armor to have an attack buff. Visit the Labyrinth and defeat the enemies that live there to obtain the Evil Spirit Armor.


What Royal Guards Claymore is Excellent for: 

  • When fused with a White-Lynel Saber Horn, it's perfect against White-Maned and Silver-Maned Lynels. While about 13-15 hits defeat a large amount on their health bar, each White-Maned Lynel and Silver-Maned Lynel requires about 4 or 5 fused Royal Guard Claymores to defeat them. 


  • Don't bother facing them with Gloom Hands, but save prepared damaged Royal Guard Claymores against Phantom Ganon. Throw 2 fused Royal Guard Claymores with 152 Damage at Phantom Ganondorf to defeat it! 


  • It's perfect for the final boss fight in case the Master Sword runs out of energy. It's an excellent alternative that can deliver almost the same damage as the Master Sword at its breaking point. However, you need a lot of Royal Guard Claymore fused with the Molduga Jaw at its breaking point. You can hit Ganondorf 6 times before the dragon phase of the fight!


How To Get the royal guards Claymore:

There’s one in the Sanctum, behind a ruined statue. 


It’s behind this ruined statue. I marked it with a Brightgloom Seed. 




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